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I know this gets posted a fair amount, but I cannot find an answer that has helped me yet! So I've had my Switch for little over a year and for the past half a year or so I've had major issues connecting to my wifi with it. I can connect to the wifi in my workplace, or using my mobile hotspot, but just not at home. Other devices in my home, such as my xbox one, ps4, phone, tablets etc have no issue at all with my internet, but for some reason my Switch just refuses to connect! When searching through the list of signals, I locate my home wifi, (Both 2g and 5g variants) and select one, insert my password and am greeted with a "Connecting to the internet" page whilst I watch my device attempt to connect. After maybe a minute, it gives up with a "Error Code: 2110-2964. Unable to obtain IP address. Please try again later." I have tried restarting the device properly, restarting my router, moving nearer to the router, sitting on top of the router all together. Still nothing. Completely run out of ideas now so decided to head here as a last resort! Any ideas? Thank you!



It may be a problem with your router. Bear with me a second, have you tried physically turning off and unplugging your router, waiting around ten minutes and plugging it back in and booting it back up? I once ran into a strange issue with Wii U a few years ago that was resolved by doing that. Anyway, here is a link to Nintendo's support:

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