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I have a Switch Lite and just bought Instant Sports. It won't let me play without syncing up a wireless controller. Is there a way to play just with the Lite system?



@MCI1983 The answer appears to be different across each of the five Instant Sports games.

Regular Instant Sports' eshop page has handheld mode crossed out. Only docked or table top mode.

Some of the other Instant Sports games, like Paradise, and Winter Games show handheld mode available, but with a compatibility warning note.

"Software compatibility and play experience may differ on Nintendo Switch Lite. Additional accessories may be required (sold separately). See support for details."

That compatibility warning note has hypertext pointing to this Nintendo support page:

Nintendo Switch Play Mode, Accessory, and Features Compatibility FAQ

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You have to read the back of each game before you open it if you have to return it to see what controllers it's compatible with when playing the game. That reason so if it doesn't work on the Lite you can return a unopened game for your refund or exchange for another that will work with the limited Lite controllers.



Thanks for the help. I bought it on the E-Store yesterday. I checked the requirements and nothing was grayed out, but today it is, so I'm out of luck, unless I get a controller.



@MCI1983 The game doesn´t suport handheld mode . If you are really keen on playing this game you can get a JoyCon and play it in table top mode on a Nintendo Switch Light. But keep in mind a JoyCon needs charging.

Edit: Scott the Wozz should make a video about this and
Resulting in playing Instant Sports on a Switch Light in table top mode.

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