Topic: Call me crazy, but I kind of like the muddy graphics of some Switch games

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I'm one of those odd people who always like overly ambitious projects on hardware that is screaming while running that game. Go back to the 3D GBA games and I'm an enthusiast for them. The ports to 3DS that make you go whaaat? like Hyrule Warriors, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, and Fire Emblem Warriors. I am impressed by anything ported by Panic Button like ID's games, games like Senua's Sacrifice or even something as culturally worn out as Fortnite. Yeah these games don't hold up with clean resolutions and some even play in standard definition at times, but it reminds me of a time when console ports had to have a lot of effort put behind them to get them to work on much more conservative hardware.

Yes, I do think it would be great if the Nintendo Switch had a more powerful variant or Nintendo even released a secondary console that could play Switch games (don't hang me, I know the Switch just hit its 2 year anniversary this year). Maybe toward the end of the Switch's life span we could get something in the 3DS form factor, as that is still the best for keeping your screens and buttons safe.

Off the tangent- games that have grungy atmospheres like DOOM and Wolfenstein work well with the crappy and reconstructed look given by 3DS hardware because of the violent and intense subject matter. It can add something to the experience, like your vision is blurred and obscured by something in the area.

Other than that little weird post, keep gaming and keep the fan loud.

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It's more impressive when you realize that the Switch only has an eighth of the memory bandwidth (25GB/s) versus a stock PS4 (176GB/s). Some folks insist that the Switch is a hybrid console, but honestly it's a handheld through and through. Personally, I'm just happy about the fact that Nintendo has consolidated all of their development teams to focus on one product. For nearly thirty years so much of Nintendo was divided to support two products, GB/NES, GBA/GC, DS/Wii, 3DS/Wii U.

Now that Nintendo's focused solely on the Switch, the next three or four years should be something special.

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I see the Switch as an enhanced Nintendo Tablet. It's got great mobile tech in it. It's more or less a carefully optimized NVIDIA Shield, and we can't forget about the handheld version they released. Makes me wonder if they would ever make a version that is just a set-top box that can be pushed beyond what is available with the thin form-factor. They already took the switching feature out of the the Switch Lite, so they could go the other route too. I think it would make a huge crowd of people happy that think it being a handheld is stupid. I know people who play it exclusively in either of the modes.

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For me, Switch began life as a home console.
I don't care that much about Game Boy or DS hardware, but I loved the SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, and Wii U.
I wanted a successor to the Wii U, a new home console that is just much more powerful than Nintendo's last home console, and Switch is just that.

I realize that some people just buy Nintendo's handheld systems and for them the Switch is the successor of the Nintendo 3DS. So yeah, Switch is not home console or handheld. It is a hybrid, obviously enough.

Sometimes I think about, what if the NES was not just a home console, but a handheld as well? Instead we had to resort to G&W games!!
SNES hybrid? No - we had to use an old eyestraining monochrome Gameboy.
N64 hybrid? No - we got a Game Boy with some colors.
Gamecube hybrid? No - we got a handheld that barely managed to run SNES games (called GBA).
Wii hybrid? No - We got a pixely DS, running games near N64 quality.
Wii U hybrid? No - We got a pixely DS again with 3D. Handhelds in general were 2-3 generations behind until now:
Switch hybrid? Yes!! We finally got something in handheld format that resembles the home experience 1:1!

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@SKTTR Think of it this way:
Game boy came out during the NES and was advertised as a NES that can fit in your pocket.

During the SNES the game boy was a generation behind. This continued through the N64 and GC. With the DS, it could play basically 5th gen ports. The 3ds continued this by playing games from the Wii era.

Technically the Switch is a generation behind too. I imagine following this that the next system will be around a base Xbox 1.

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@Trajan. No I don't think of it this way.

The release of Game Boy ('89) and SNES ('90) were too close to each other.
Just like the release of the Game Boy Color ('98) and the Nintendo 64 ('97).
Or the release of the GBA (2001) and the Gamecube (2002).
Or the release of the DS (2005) and Wii (2006).
Or 3DS (2011) and Wii U (2012).
When the NES (1987) came out here, there was no Game Boy, only Game & Watch. In other countries the release of NES and G&W was even closer.
Anyway, however you put it, the handhelds were always at least 2 generations behind until Switch. Only now home console and handheld is on the same page.

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Their handhelds have never been in parody with any generation really. The DS wasn't as powerful as an N64, the 3DS wasn't even as powerful as a GameCube. The Switch is in a weird spot due to it being a console first (being pretty powerful compared to Wii U).

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It's retro graphics nostalgia for us back in the day who didn't have amazing graphics, for me aslong as the gameplay is solid then the graphics don't mean as much to me.

I personally tend to find games that are less visual to be more calming relaxing to play, I understand what you mean by this topic.

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