Topic: BUG: Sandrock Left Joy-Con Drifts??

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I noticed lately on My Time with SandRock that during the game and events the character would seemly start to walk left? But checking calibration shows no issue? Is this a Bug in the software itself? I know on S&V there is no L-Joy-Con drifts so it can't be a hardware caused???



It’s probably a case where your controller has very early stages of drift, and this game in particular might simply be very sensitive to joystick movement.


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I tried Pokémon S&V and how now drifts show up? But haven't heard if others notice this happening here or other forums or on Youtube Sandrock players mention this?



@SwitchForce For me, early drifting was slight and intermittent and can be difficult to reproduce. I have had cases where the in-game character (or my rocket league car) would start veering off course, or would keep moving slightly in a particular direction after letting go of the stick, but when I'd go into Switch settings & calibration, and I couldn't see or reproduce the drift there. It was only later (weeks or a month+ with regular use) that the drift would become more consistent or reproduce-able.

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@WoomyNNYes That's what I was wondering but I'll ty TOTK to see what happens or another games that is similar to see if this happens as well.


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