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What is the Best Racing Game for you…Asphalt 9, GRID, V-Rally 4, or even WRC-8 and/or 9? And since Gear Club Unlimited is on sale for $2.98 now, shall I just grab this offer right away being a newbie at Car Racing games? Please exclude Mario Racing Kart here. I want a realistic racing game.


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It depends how realistic you want to be? Asphalt 9 is realistic looking, but is meant to be a fun arcady style with quick re-spawn after crashes. If that isn't putting you off, you can try it for free before investing in any bundle of credits (as per NL reviews advice). It's got a split screen mode, so me and my partner regularly have fun quick race offs.

PS I'm tempted by Gear.Club Unlimited myself, as it's also only £2.68 in the UK!

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I personally enjoy Horizon Chase Turbo. It reminds me alot of the old arcade racers from the 90s. It's alot of fun and its not to expensive.

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On the Switch, I think GRID may lead the pack (the most gran turismo-like). If you have a gamecube controller & adapter, you can use that controller's analog trigger for gas/accelerate. I mainly played this single player. Online racing unfortunately can only be raced with damage on, and there's always some kid or sadistic A-hole that hits you from behind, or a single hit/bump too easily damages your car from being competitive, killing your steering, making your car pull to the side. IF you get hit by another driver, it ruins & severely handicaps your car for the rest of the race. It's fun when the players are respectful, but that's rare. (* for pro controller/joycons you have two control options for the gas - 1. push up on right analog stick to accelerate. 2. push a button for gas, its too strong, instant hard acceleration, you can't modulate it, it's unplayable for most cars that)

I got Gear Club, didn't like it after 5-8 hours. I never touched it again after GRID came out. It's been a while, so I have a hard time remembering why I hated Gear Club (I deleted it from my console). I didn't like the handling, the menus & game structure, all or too many tracks, if you touch the side or walls it killed your speed too much, even a light grazing. Better racing sims let you touch the gravel, but it's not a race killer.

I haven't tried the V-Rally or WRC games.

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Gran Turismo is a really renown series, although obviously it's not on Switch. I don't think there are any good racing games on Switch that have a predominant focus on realism. GT is a simcade, but how the game handles is so high quality it has every right to bill itself as "The Real Driving Simulator".

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IDK about Switch racing games . . . but I've tried Gran Turismo and it is pretty good.

1st time was on the PS2, way back when. Friends of ours brought their PS2 over and hooked it up to our TV and we played it all night long. LOL.

Same friends, we played it on their PS4 years later.

And I got to try the VR version of Gran Turismo in-store when they were launching it. That was a whole other level. LOL.

But . . . since it would be the only game I'd want on Playstation, it never made sense for me to get a Playstation.

That Grid sounds like what I am looking for on Switch.



GRID, Burnout Paradise and Need For Speed are the only non-kart racers currently on Switch that I would put any time into. GRID is by far the most appealing to me, but I don't have it because they never did a physical release for it. It's head and shoulders the best offering, so why they couldn't put it on a cart I am yet to come to terms with.

I've tried Asphalt and Gear Club but the races felt short and lacking substance.

I will get Cruis'n Blast at some point, but haven't got round to it yet. Too many other purchases recently.

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Try the racing games from Go Vacation.
There are Midnight Tunes racing, ATV, Jet Ski, Off Road car, Snowmobile, etc.

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On Switch, I'd probably go for Burnout Paradise. It's an older game, but at least that means it runs well, plus you can pick it up fairly cheap. It's got a huge amount of content that covers many different styles of racing, so you ought to be able to find something that hits the right spot in there.

It doesn't even come close to what's available on other platforms though. Gran Turismo is the one to go for if you've got a PlayStation. Forza does a similar job for Xbox and PC.

There are also some very hardcore sim racers like iRacing and Assetto Corsa if you value realism above all other considerations. The next step would be doing track days or taking up banger racing.



My favourite racing games

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Midnight Club(Xbox 360)
Excite Truck(Wii)
Mario Kart 8(Switch)
Crash Team Racing(PS4)
Hotshot Racing(Switch)

So definitely at the arcade end of the spectrum.

Cruis'n Blast looks fun as well.



Horizon Chase Turbo! The racing just feels so smooth!

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Thanks to everybody who responded. I went ahead and bought the Gear Club Unlimited for $2.98 so I can see for myself if it is indeed a good worthwhile game. It’s very cheap and affordable (unlike the much touted GRID which sells for $34.99 right now) and with the hours I spent last night playing it, I can say think I got what I wanted. It’s a little old school but probably just right for little old me. That being said, I am going to look up the other racing games mentioned in this thread. Thanks to all!


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Another racing game I like but it's an Xbox Exclusive is the Forza Horizon series. Those games are just so relaxing to me

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Mario Kart 8 delux is good and gear club unlimited 2

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GRID is on sale.

I got an email yesterday.

So I bought it. It's downloading now.

There goes my weekend! LOL.



Gear Club was unbearable to me. Load times upon load times upon load times. It was a nightmare to do anything in that game. 3 minutes of loading screens for a 1 minute race. That's one of the few games I genuinely regret purchasing.

My picks

  • GRID Autosport (S)
  • Cruis'n Blast (S)
  • Burnout Paradise (A)
  • Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (B)
  • Horizon Chase Turbo (B)
  • Hot WHEELS Unleashed (A)
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (S)
  • Fast Racing RMX (A)
  • Team Sonic Racing (C)
  • Crash Team Racing (C)

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