Topic: Anyone think Tetris Attack / Panel de Pon would be a good fit for the Switch?

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My team and I sure think so! Nintendo's last acknowledgement of the genre that they created (starting with Panel de Pon, or Tetris Attack in the West) was with a mini game in Animal Crossing New Leaf. That seems to suggest that these "puzzle league" games are not a priority for them anymore (at least not for stand-alone release).

I figured, surely, someone else has already picked up that torch and created a spiritual successor, but was surprised to find nothing substantial out there. All I wanted was easy access to that fast, skill-based puzzle gameplay with updated features like online battles, and so my cousin and I started development on our first game: Super Plexis.

We started two years ago, and today have a working prototype on the iOS app store for free. iOS was the most accessible platform for us at the time, having iPhones ourselves, but we realize the demand for Android is there and are already working on that version. Even though Nintendo was the first to move to touch controls (with their puzzle league series on the DS), we still love playing on controllers as well and would love to get a special version of the game on the Nintendo Switch! Nintendo has demonstrated good will towards indie devs, with hardware that is easier to develop for than their previous consoles. But to do all this right, we have to make sure the engine for Super Plexis is water tight and multi-platform ready. So we've started a Kickstarter campaign showing everything we have so far, as well as what our plans are for the future! Here's the link: ( https://www.) Please do give it a look if you'd like to see the return of classic console puzzle games to all platforms (we're even considering releasing on PC eventually!). Thanks for reading!

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