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Now I have an account on my switch that is for my son and he has his own network ID login that is made to only be able to view kid games on the EShop. It hasnt been a problem until I noticed skyrim is coming out and its one of my favorite games. Now if i get skyrim on my nintendo account, will he be able to play the game through his account. Do i have to turn on parental controls or will he not even be able to play the game?

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Deleted the other thread since you posted it twice. (internet weirdness I'm guessing)

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I’m pretty sure he would see it because when you turn on the Switch you aren’t selecting a profile until you pick a game to play.



@Fireball266 On the same system, probably. I have two accounts on my system and can play any game with both. But you may be able to set parental controls to block his account. However unless you have a password on your account he could simply play your account.

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