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We were possibly in the market for a Nintendo switch HDMI dock anyway. and I ran the numbers that if we were going to get a separate dock for second place to play and we were going to get two joy-cons two straps and one grip that we'd be paying $210 if we go straight through Nintendo. A new Nintendo switch cost $300.

I know we got a whole bunch of bizarre exceptions, so I'm trying to figure out the most price effective strategy, comparing apples to apples, or in this case new items to new items.

First we need to see whether there's enough two-player games that require an L and R joy-con pay to play.

May I have in terms of raw numbers (and typical examples) of single joy-con two-player games versus dual joy-con two-player games?

I am aware that either a Nintendo brand or authorized third party Pro Controller like the hori brand switch Pro Controller, will let you play most dual joy-con games. I heard the only ones that fail, are ones that require separate motion controls for left-handed right hand. How many dual joy-con games are acceptable with a Pro Controller versus ones that require a joy-con pair?

Also if we get a pair of joycons is the grip required for certain games?, (Like for example Super Mario Odyssey seems to work better when the joy-cons are in sync with their motion controls and the best way to do that is to use a joy-con grip. I understand it's not a hard requirement but does help ). How many soft required grip games are there?

are there any Nintendo authorized third-party devices that let you hook up a standard Nintendo switch to an HDMI based TV? Or is Nintendo'sTV dock the only way to do that?

Finally I know of one game where you need two actual switch screens in order to play. Pac-Man Vs within the Namco classic collection. (By the way this particular Pac-Man
Versus is the one like the GameCube version and I heard is co-owned by Nintendo in association with Namco.). Are there any games that require two separate switches other than Pac-Man Vs? Nintendo says there is no way to get a second screen new without buying a whole new console complete package.

Finally I heard Nintendo was going to do something for Christmas of 2021. Is that going to be a 4K Switch docked / 1080p undocked and/or 3D switch in the style of the 3DS when undocked and using side by side half 3D when docked? If so will the basic vanilla (sociable) Nintendo Switch be discounted to $200 or less?

Finally I assume used places so using Nintendo switches. How much savings is there used vs new? And is the savings worth the possible headaches?



Nintendo hasn't said what is happening for Xmas, so anything you have heard is rumours & speculation....
As far as I know, the vast majority of multi-player games on Switch allow you to share joycons, so look up whichever games you have if you want to check

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I know easily 75% + (game paks and downloads) that are 2+player games can be 2 player single joy-con games.

Pac Man vs is probably the only Dual Switch Screen game.

How many 2-handed independent Wiimote games are on the Switch? Arms is probably the biggest such title.

Those are literally the only games I need 2 Joy-con pairs for.


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