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What do you think of it?

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I am excited to see it in action and see how well it works where I live

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It's not my kind of thing but it looks charming. It could be a good way to get to know the random people on your friend list though.

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what i like about it is that it seems like everybodys game. it's not a video game for you to judge based on what games you like, it's a piece of software everyone can own because everyone is a human that can make some kind of avatar in the form of a mii and then participate in whatever activities they'll put in. if they get it right they will have everything like facebook twitter etc amalgamated into their network and you identify by your mii but can use a whole range of social networks to share whatever you want, hopefully invite people to games, chat, all that.

Octane wrote:

everyone needs to relax and enjoy the games that are released today and stop worrying what Nintendo will do in a year or two from now.

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It's a free to play know.

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It kind of reminds me of some of the free apps they had on the Wii. Everybody votes and so on. Not saying that it's the same thing obviously it's just something that I'd expect would appeal to a similar sort of wide demographic. It's not something I'm jumping up and down waiting for the release date for but... I wouldn't be surprised if it got some traction.

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I feel like it's designed for their home market mostly and those who are extreme introverts.

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That's how I feel about it.

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MegaMari0 wrote:

I feel like it's designed for their home market mostly and those who are extreme introverts.

I actually thought the opposite, I feel like it's more for outgoing people. Especially if you're extremely introverted, in a way that makes you stay away from social media, you'd be nervous even to indirectly interact in this manner, and to answer personal questions knowing other people are going to see them. Besides, you have to make friends with the people first, don't you? You'll have already broken a barrier by doing that. No, I think this will be more in the market of those who just want a different and fun way to interact with their friends, like snapchat.

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This looked exactly like the kind of game I expected Nintendo to make for mobile

It's outstanding how many people were actually expecting something like Mario or Zelda

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I'm starting to warm to the idea of this app a bit more. You know what it kind of reminds me of? Remember back before Facebook when Instant Messaging was the main way to chat with your friends? And you'd make an effort to find a cool avatar, status and a decent away message. This thing kinda sounds like a fantastically obtuse Nintendo version of that. Which is almost brilliant in its pointlessness.

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You might ask yourself why Nintendo took this approach, and not making the first app a real game. I'm sure there will be a lot of people who don't agree with this first app, but I am fairly certain Nintendo might just have made a good choice. Some months ago I read in the media that the mobile gaming market is dominated by women: 52% of the gamers who play mobile games are women.

I feel this MiiTomo game will especially appeal to women and kids, and this might just be what Nintendo needs. Take over the casual gaming market again, much like they did with their Wii and the casual fun games that took over family homes. They don't have to be a competitor for FB, but they can attract the crowds like LINE play has. An app to check in your lunch break or during breakfast with a cup of coffee!

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Despite the protestations of Mickey P and his merry band of money men, I think Miitomo is a good first smartphone game.

Nintendo's other social games like Tomodachi Life and Animal Crossing have been very successful, and the style fits very well with the mobile crowd. It's meant to introduce non-fans to the company, and entice them into looking at Nintendo's main products.

As the mentally-challenged blubber about the absence of Mario and Zelda, they fail to realise that the whole point is to get smartphone users to want Nintendo's consoles... So why would they want to buy them, if they can play everything on their phones?

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It looks like the worst choice they could've made after announcing they were getting into mobile "gaming". It looks like mobile "social networking". Why is this any different than Miiverse or even Facebook? Because there are questions that "encourage you not to be so shy"? Well, guess what? Miiverse and FB are full of questions people ask and answer, and they also technically "encourage people not to be as shy" because it's easier to talk online than it is in person.

I'm sorry, but the idea just seems completely lacking in not only originality, but, most importantly, fun. It's like Nintendo is really wanting to try social networking and figured this is the perfect place because it's less risky than putting out a game centered around it because if THAT's crappy, that's what they do. But they're new to mobile gaming, so nobody will really care if their first "game" is lame.

A serious way to look at this is: If you came online today and read about this game from a company you'd never heard of, what would you think about it? All of this "it looks cute", "it looks charming", etc. I STRONGLY feel comes 100% from the people that just basically trust Nintendo and know pretty much everything they do always atleast has SOME redeemable quality about it. "Charm" has been a very popular one the last few years since Nintendo has played it so super duper safe that their recent library isn't as fun as they've been in years past. But, hey, atleast it's all "charming".

I'm a huge fan of Japanese games, for many reasons, chief among them being the fun quirkiness of the style many are presented in. Nintendo in the past have been masters of tightrope walking this super quirky, but still accessible and crazy fun line. But, with the Wii U gen, Nintendo has, for the most part, abandoned that awesome middle ground they previously mastered and they seem to only be releasing 2 types of games:

1.) Incredibly quirky and out there things like this and Tomodachi Life that are almost too original for their own good because they seem to think that "different" automatically= "good", when it doesn't, so we get something extremely niche, at best. And if you don't find it fun whatsoever it's atleast "charming", which basically is just another way of saying "not fun but cute and with good, heartwarming intentions so you can play with your family"

2.) Super duper safe style games that remind you of their glory years when you were a kid. NSMBU, NSLU, DKC:TF, Kirby & the Rainbow Curse, Yoshi's Wooly World (I, admittedly, haven't played this one: Do I really need to??) Seriously, THIS many 2d platformers? Using the Link to the Past map almost exactly for LBW? Happy Home Designer? UGH!

Where are the fun, original ideas (minus Splatoon. This game doesn't hold my interest, but I recognize that just because something isn't for me doesn't mean it can't still be great, and Nintendo seem to have hit a homerun out of the park with that one.) I am just starting to wonder if Nintendo is even capable of putting something out that totally blows me away and is new and fresh and makes me feel like they are completely changing the game (no pun intended).

It has been quite a while since that happened.



LetsGoRetro wrote:

A serious way to look at this is: If you came online today and read about this game from a company you'd never heard of, what would you think about it?

You do realise that you could say this of pretty much any successful game, website or app right? It's easy to seriously underestimate the impact of something new based on the first pitch. I mean lets take a few classic examples.

  • A website that lets you bulk SMS your friends
  • Like Myspace but less public and without the music stuff and customisation
  • You know twitter? Yeah, that. But you can put filters on your photos
  • It's like twitter but your posts can time out
  • You tell them what music you listen to, they create a page with the music you listened to
  • You pay off a mortgage by fishing and picking fruit
  • You create characters and watch them do stuff
  • You get a word and draw it, your friends guess what it is
  • You cut virtual fruit
  • You take birds and throw them at pigs
  • It's a virtual farm. You grow plants

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About as exciting as a weather app but less useful



I have to give credit to @faint for his explanation, but if works like a ''virtual pet'', but the pet being you, the mii, that could be interesting for a lot of people.

By answering questions and whatnot, the mii becomes a virtual mirror of you, you let it interact with people when you're at work, at school on the train and when you get home in the evening you can check back on your Mii and see what it's been up to. Basically a mobile version of StreetPass, right? I don't have a 3DS, but that's a similar concept to this I think.



im not sure yet, it looks interesting, although it kinda felt like Tomodachi Life meets Social Chat, but it could be fun

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