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Hopefully they'll consider making a Mario Maker Mobile game one day. I'm sure if they did, that it would be riddled with Micro-Transactions. But, as long as it's Free-To-Play and the content is worth the price, I wouldn't mind giving them the money for it. There's just so much they could do with any Mario Maker, but it seems they seize a fraction of the opportunity and then set it on the shelf shortly after its release and occasionally dust it off and polish it up once in a while, if that.

If they did, what would you like to see featured in a MMM game, if you decided to play it?


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I'd rather them just stick to making console Mario Maker games honestly. I can't see Mario Maker working on mobile unless they make it just a level editor, or make it exactly like super mario run. Mainly because using a full 2D Mario control set on a mobile device would kind of be hellish.

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I don't even like mobile games.
Free 2 Play should be annihilated from business practical.
It just only encourage wrong way to play the games and slowly threatening the physical gamers.

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