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It seems that in Japan card games are still quite an important thing!

After two sets of Mario-themed Hanafuda and even 6 sets of Mario-themed French playing cards, now we have the Mario-themed UNO playing cards!

These are not the Nintendo UNO cards realeased a while ago, but new cards, featurning the hand drawn artwork that started appearing in 2010, also in the NAP-02 set, and that was featured in the Encyclopedia Super Mario Bros. (although it's not clear if new artwork was drawn in the meantime, as the artwork of the Koopalings mainly appeared last year, although the style is similar to that of an older artwork).

P.S.: of course, these are made by Mattel, it's not like Nintendo is on a roll with introducing many different sets of cards each year!



These look really cool! I really like the hand drawn artstyle. Of course Luigi is on card #2...

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These would be fun to play with my kids. Thanks for the link.



it's fun but $12 for a CARD game.....idk


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