Topic: Minecraft 50% off sale-Where should a newbie start?

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Looks like all Minecraft is on 50% off physical and digital (digital only at the Humble store at this time but sale for the next month). Looks like these game rarely goes on sale. I am probably the only gamer here who has never played ANY Minecraft and feels I should try it (if only to understand the pop culture references). I assume I should just start with Minecraft for $15 (or deluxe for $20) and avoid dungeon or legends (at least for now). I generally only play solo (I don’t have a switch online subscription). Do I need one for this to be worthwhile (and are people still playing online…or did I completely miss this rodeo).

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I would suggest just getting the normal version, cause you can get MILLIONS of hours of content with that. avoid legends and dungeons, those are both failures in my opinion compared the original game, and a switch online subscription IS helpful if you like online multiplayer minigames or playing with friends. Also, warning, the switch version can be extremely laggy compared to mobile and Xbox and PlayStation. But Minecraft is very fun and one of my favorite games ever. Maybe it’s just nostalgia 🤷🏽‍♂️

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Minecraft Dungeons is a Diablo Lite. There are a bunch of other games out there like it that are alot better. You would be better of just getting Diablo 3.

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@Tasuki I mean... Diablo is dark and bloody. Minecraft Dungeons is adorable.

I've only played the demo which I enjoyed; the $10 price tag is definitely tempting me.


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