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Nintendo just released a strange Miiverse post regarding the Happy Mask Salesman. Could it simply mean he's appearing in a Zelda Wii U or is Nintendo perhaps working on another title?

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I believe it was talking about Majora's Mask

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Swiket wrote:

Lol 21 minutes to discuss one Miiverse post that every Zelda fan can understand. I love/hate you, Gamexplain.

That's probably the reason why they end up talking about Grezzo and Majora's Mask 3D after a few minutes...



Could be happening! I did read a rumor once on youtube (wich I can't find anymore sadly) wich said the game would be about the sun crashing and the enemy would be a guy with masks (happy mask-man anyone?). That would explain to me why the game looks so bright. To me the game looks very bright, as if stuff is burning. And keep in mind that the happy-mask man was always dubious. I mean: The Majora's moon kids, where those him? Was he the true evil? The rumor also said that the game would be called Protectors of the sun, and that there would be a dual world. In the "other" dimension the game would have a darker, more edgy look. Could be something very strange, or just the "realistic" style from the Wii u tech-demo (unlikely though). Also, in some pictures Link wears a robe. Maybe to protect him from the sun?

All speculation, but its possible.



@Henmii I think that's just Aonuma and his overambitious love for bloom, WWHD had the same effect.



Could be, or there's more to it!



I love bloom too. XD

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