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Recently a very credible leaker who has leaked tons of FighterZ stuff in the past has come out to reveal some information on the final DLC character for the second Fighter Pack, Super Broly. This is the Canon version of Broly seen in the Dragonball Super movie by the same name, and he was announced alongside Gogeta earlier this year.

Super Broly will be a transforming character, similar to Frieza being able to transform into Golden Frieza. Broly will start out in his enraged Ozaru awakened form, but after performing his Mouth Canon super attack he will transform into a Super Saiyan. (Though the leak does not clarify if this will be his standard SSJ form, or his full power SSJ form with green hair) And unlike Golden Frieza, Broly's transformation will be permanent for the duration of the match. Not much was said on the rest of his moveset, but Broly was described as a throw centric character with a great reach. As for the release date, all that was said was that it would be very soon. So perhaps we will see Broly early in November.

One of the most important questions that has yet to be answered is who will be voicing Broly in the dub of the game. The original Voice Actor for Broly in the Dragonball Super Broly movie was let go from Funimation due to some allegations torwards him, a despute that is still ongoing. While higherups at Funimation have said that the voice actor would be replaced, nothing has come out about his replacment. With Brolys launch coming ever closer, we will just have to wait and see what unfolds for out final DLC character of pack 2.



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