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Hello good evening everyone hopes everyone is doing well. I have this problem with my switch where the left joystick is not being recognized when attached.. Looking on the home screen I can see where the right one is connected and the other one is greyed out.. But the thing is I can navigate around the home screen with both of the joysticks. But when I go into a game it's like the red one becomes unresponsive wouldn't be able to press A to select.. But when I unlock the right stick and slide it up a bit it functions. I tried disconnecting and resyncing but still have the same problem



@NewSwitchUser Since Switch launched, sometimes joycons lose connection. Sometimes that happened to me, but 95-99% of the time, it typically happened when a game boots up. But, you re-sync it, and it wasn't a problem while playing the actual game. I mainly only saw the issue with third party games. (Joycons losing connection was more common with the early model of the Switch, but tolerable, a minor annoyance.)

If you search search Nintendo support for "joycon not recognized" you can check out the trouble shooting pages.

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It's possible the connectors on the left joycon or Switch might be broken. Do you have another left joycon you could use to test if either of the connectors are the problem? If the joycon is the issue, replace it. If it's your Switch, contact Nintendo to see if you can find the solution.


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