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So, I tried selling my Wii bundle on Gumtree, but I feel like no one will buy it for a minimum of $140, especially since there are so many ads for a Wii. I have a black Wii console, a Black Quad Charging Station, 2 Mario Kart wheels, all chargers needed and sensor bar, a pink Wii remote(keeping one remote for my Wii U), 4 Wii Sports Resorts accessories with no connector, and 8 games (Mario Kart Wii, Zumba, Club Penguin Game Day, Super Smash bros Brawl, Skylanders Giants and Swap force with their respective portals, Mario Ultimate Sports Mix, and Mario Power Tennis. Also, I want to sell Nintendo Land and Ike Amiibo in its kinda damaged box. How much can I get for this? I am a 1st year high school student saving money for a Switch, and I did have enough money, but bought a SP4. Also, should I get a Switch when it is around Christmas, or should I wait until I finish doing a hard exam for a program I really want to get into next year? Thanks, PotatoChipShow

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Second hand Wii systems are dirt cheap, and without the official black Wiimote, it's worth even less. The accessories are just plastic, I'm not sure how many people even want those. The only good games are Mario Kart Wii and Smash, but they aren't worth a lot either. I'd say it's worth half that much, at most. I've seen people sell their Wii, controllers and a bunch of games for $20. You can't really expect anyone to pay that much honestly.



@PotatoChipShow If you sell it as a bundle you'll probably not get much for it. Always better (but slower and more work) to split it up into individual items.

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Having Smash Bros probably helps because most ads on Gumtree seem to just have Mario Kart, Wii Sports and a bunch of random shovelware. But even so I can't see many Wii bundled on Gumtree for much more than $100AU. If you had a whole bunch of fantastic games I'd split it into two ads, one for the console and the other for the good games advertised on a fixed $ per-game.

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$140 sounds fair for what's on offer, but there's little to no demand for a Wii these days. I bought a black console bundle brand new a few years ago for only $99 and that included Mario Kart, a black wheel, Wii Remote Plus and nunchuk. Expecting people to cough up the goods for a second hand unit, even with a decent selection of games and accessories won't be enough to tempt potential buyers. I think you're better off just keeping it and performing tasks or odd jobs for somebody to make some dough instead.

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Thanks for the information people, I appreciate it, I will try to do these things



@Octane I do have black Wii Remote, but I doubt it will make a difference.


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