Topic: DS broke and its SD card doesn't contain my games

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So I accidentally smashed my 3DSXL and it won't even turn on. I bought a lot of games off Nintendo Shop, but now that I have a new DS, the old SD card apparently doesn't have any of those games. Were the games in the internal memory? My 3DSXL was the Fire Emblem Awakening edition, have I also lost that? Have I just lost all my games?

Thanks in advance, I appreciate any help!



You need to perform a system transfer, just placing the sd card on a new system will do nothing.

Since you mention your old system is unusable, then your best option is contacting Nintendo and telling them your situation.


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@victorlara get your broken ds (for the number on the back) and call Nintendos help line. Somebody will walk you through it. Ps it's smoother if you already have a Nintendo network account.

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