Topic: Any Region-Locking for Switch DLC & Updates?

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Hi friends!

I'm a US student studying abroad in the UK for the current term, and was hoping to bring back some physical copies of new games to play when I return home in the summer. I'm fully aware that Switch games themselves are not region-locked, and am rather concerned with whether buying a different-region copy of a game for my American console will give me any trouble downloading potential updates or DLC.

For example, one upcoming title I have my eye on is Nintendo Switch Sports, which has inevitable updates attached to it that I obviously wouldn't want to go without. Would my Nintendo account being linked to the States' eShop stop me from applying those updates to a foreign cartridge version of the game? Does anyone have experience related to this with imported copies of other Switch games?


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@LimitedPower You can download software updates no problem as that's just done from the system menu without even choosing an account to use.

Paid DLC that you buy from the eShop however sometimes needs to be downloaded from the same region's eShop. It varies from game to game whether it works cross-region or not.


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@LimitedPower You'll shouldn't have any issues. Nintendo sees you have a physical copy. You'll get the update relative to your eshop's region.

Eshop region is dictated by the region you have selected in your Nintendo account on Nintendo's website. Even if you change nintendo account/eshop region, or you move to a new region, it shouldn't disrupt your game & updates, as far as I know. Especially for a Nintendo brand game.

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