Topic: A tale of two Switches: Why can't I download Sky?

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My two children have a Switch each and their accounts are listed in my Nintendo account family group.

Yesterday, I downloaded Sky on child 1's Switch. The game is free and so I thought I could download it to child 2's Switch without any problems. However, instead of a download link, the store says the game is 'already purchased'. We checked the re-download page but the game is not there. Neither is it on the home screen.

I read that we should set one Switch as the primary console. I did that but still cannot download the game.

I'm completely lost. What do I need to do to download the game to both consoles?



@bork_lemington On switch 2, you'll have to download the game with a different switch user profile. Even though the game is free, the digital ownership structure treats it like a pay game.

The switch ecosystem is designed to prevent sharing games across multiple switch consoles & users/owners. It's an anti-piracy measure.

If someone else can advise regarding two switches in a family/household, go ahead. I don't have enough experience with that scenario.

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