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Be they handheld or home console

1- windwaker =wii u
2- twilight prince= wii u
3- a link bitween worlds= 3ds
4- a link to the past
5- legend of zelda
6- skyward sword
7- ocarina of time
8- legend of zelda 2
9- oracle of season
10- oracle of ages

there was a post about ( TOP 5 ZELDA HANDHELD GAMES)
i cannot find it even the user account is gone.

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Destiny should be on the wii u or 3ds /


windwaker wii u works for me, i love everything about that game.



@summers Yeh, I think that user decided to de-register here, and when that happens all posts are automatically deleted.

I don't have alot to offer here... yet. I've finished WWHD and enjoyed it overall, but it was my first full Zelda experience, so I think I'll need to try it again after I've played a few others.

I'm at Ganon's Castle in OoT3D at the moment, so not too far to go on that, and currently place it above WWHD. How much of that is because I've got a better idea of how a Zelda game works, IDK, but it just feels more cohesive to me, and I think I prefer the dungeons in it too.

And the time element to the game makes it feel more epic.

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10. Four Swords Anniversary (DSiWare)
9. Link's Awakening DX (GBC)
8. Oracle of Ages (GBC)
7. Oracle of Seasons (GBC)
6. Phantom Hourglass (DS)
5. Spirit Tracks (DS)
4. Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS)
3. Minish Cap (GBA)
2. A Link to the Past (SNES)
1. Twilight Princess (GCN)

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0. Breath of the Wild
1. Skyward Sword
2. Wind Waker
3. Ocarina of Time
4. Twilight Princess
5. A Link Between Worlds
6. Link’s Awakening
7. A Link to the Past
8. Majora’s Mask
9. Spirit Tracks
10. Minish Cap
11. Legend of Zelda
12. Adventure of Link
13. Tri Force Heroes (What a screwup)

Haven't played the Oracle Games, Four Swords Games, or Phantom Hourglass.

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Still a toss-up between Twilight Princess and A Link Between Worlds, with my nostalgia votes going to Oracle of Seasons and A Link to the Past.

I should mention that I'm mostly refering to the GCN version of Twilight Princess. I have yet to try the HD version yet.

...I wanna explain why, but I'm dirt tired, and everyone will likely be preoccupied tomorrow.

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I feel like this is the 3rd thread like this in this part of the forums in the past few months.

Also, Majora's Mask from a story perspective, Twilight Princess for gameplay, Link's Awakening for 2d.

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...It kind of is, except the others were oddly specific. It's like a slow crescendo, with the peak coinciding with the climax that is the NX announcement of an announcement. Well played, NL.

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@gizmoto Yeah... The game had so much potential; the story was great, the totem mechanic was great, the level design was great, the clothing system was great, etc... (Well, for me, at least! ;P) But waiting online for people that never showed up, going through stages I had played too many times before, and the LAG, not to mention a mediocre single player and no two-player option, killed the experience. I think, if the issues were fixed, Tri Force Heroes could have rivaled A Link Between Worlds, but we'll just have to hope for a sequel.

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My top 5, in no particular order, besides Majora's Mask (which is my favorite game of all-time):

Majora's Mask
Link's Awakening
The Wind Waker
A Link Between Worlds
A Link to the Past

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1) Majora's Mask 3D
2) A Link Between Worlds
3) Wind Waker HD
4) Oracle of Seasons
5) A Link to the Past

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1.Ocarina of Time
2.A Link to the Past
3.Windwaker HD
4.Majora's Mask
5.Twilight Princess

I think if I had played ALTTP when it came it out it would be my number 1 but since I was a Sega gamer and missed out on the NES/SNES my first ever Zelda was Ocarina of Time and it blew me away like not much else has ever done.I first played ALTTP and Majora's Mask on Wii VC.Windwaker on the GC never done much for me at the time and if not for the HD version which I am enjoying tremendously,I would have placed it 5th.Twilight Princess I played on Gamecube too and thought it was just alright,no more.Like with WW,that might change once I play the remaster.I've never played Skyward Sword or the 2 NES originals and I've never really been into handhelds.I have played a fair bit of Minish Cap though.

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My top five:

1. Skyward Sword
2. Wind Waker
3. Twilight Princess
4. Ocarina of Time
5. A Link to the Past

Other than those, I've only played a bit of Phantom Hourglass, Link's Awakening, and Majora's Mask, but completed none of these.

I'm very much of the opinion that Zelda gets better with each (3D) instalment (the one exception in my list being WW above TP, but that is for its setting). My hopes are therefore super high for BotW, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it top SS.

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I played a bunch of twilight princess and it's just not that great of a Zelda game. I don't particualrly like the dungeons or bosses or story compared to other zeldas.

It is my first 3D zelda and the one I have played the most. First I repeatedly rented it from the library and played together with my son. Than I played up until the temple of time when I got excited for HD remake. Then I beat the HD version.

Wind waker I liked better only played it on Wii U.

Ocarina of time I started a few times but finally completed on 3DS.

Majoras mask I think I might actually dislike, I am approaching the end of the game on 3DS.

Skyward Sword is by far my favorite 3D zelda game. I think I am going to play it again now that I finished twilight HD.



2. MM
4. TP
6. WW
7. SS
9. MC
10. OOA

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