Topic: Year 2019 is coming. What is your resolution on 2019 ?

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Yay... !
2019 is coming.
My country Indonesia (West Indonesia Zone) has celebrate year 2019.
What is your resolution / promises / plans / things to do on year 2019 ?
Share your opinions here.

Btw, for me, i will try to get PS2 Slim USA from Tokopedia + USA version of PS2 + PS1 games from Ebay.

Also, i will expand my games collections with New 3DS XL Europe version and or PS3 (games + machine) by any chance.

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8. Dance Evolution
9. Sound Voltex
10. Mambo-A-Gogo

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I will try to survive another year.

Seems to be my most successful resolution so far.


My dead channel.

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I need to limit my games purchases and finish the games I buy more consistently lol. Also to wait for sales.



Studying Chinese to read doujins probably. (Should study Japanese instead, but Chinese makes more sense in my head)



What Yosh said. That’s pretty par for my course. I would say be more nice to folks, but I think I’m plenty nice. And I agree with myself.


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Really want to complete all the games i buy from a gaming resolution. I usually do pretty well completing them but i still have a few out there that I never finished.

From an everyday life standpoint, my resolution is to try to be more positive and find the good things in life to out weigh the negative.



Get one of my pieces professionally published in a magazine.

Brush up on my hiragana and katakana (should only take a couple of days if I'm doing it efficiently).

Use the "Heisig method" (I did a trial run of this earlier in 2018 and was surprised by its effectiveness, although it definitely requires a ton of dedication and maintenance if used effectively) to familiarize myself with the Jōyō Kanji and get a cognitive foothold that'll allow me to start tackling native material.

Lose 20 pounds.

Maintain at least a 2:1 completion/purchase ratio for games across all the systems I own

Complete a classic mode run for all base characters and complete the "World of Light" adventure mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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Have a great 2019 everyone!
My resolution is to lower my blood pressure and reduce my sodium levels. So I'm not going to entertain anything I read on the internet requiring a grain of salt. O.<

( last bad joke of 2018 )

I never drive faster than I can see. Besides, it's all in the reflexes.

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This is an all-ages website, so... um...
meeting more new people.
Yeah, that's it.

I'll be your 1up girl

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To finish my video game database! Also to get half of my furniture built. Since I'm not doing book cases until I move again I should be able to accomplish this. Also to finally build a shamisen.

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Make Sanya famous.

Pokemon Stream Clip

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To get Jablinski to 1 billion.

To become a Life Scout and finish Hollow Knight.

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New Year's resolutions are completely useless, dumb and highly overrated. Lose weight or better your life in whatever way you want and in whatever period or on whatever date of the year you wish to. Don't wait for the end of the year to give you an imaginary kickstart because 9 out of 10 times, that actually won't even last, at least not in the long run...

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@ThanosReXXX Totally agree, the only resolutions that are honest and lasting are the ones you know will happen at some point, not what you are hoping to happen.

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To stop buying so much games just because they're on sale. Instead, only buy games with a genuine interest.

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I have an old Sharp TV, so my current resolution is 720p.



@EvilLucario Oh man, it's SO hard. Especially now that Sony thinks it's Steam and puts most of its games on sale throughout the year, and even Nintendo is discounting its first-party games in the occasional digital sale now.

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My resolutions are just to try to get in shape & be more financially responsible. Sadly neither end up ever being as easy as they sound.

Eagerly Awaiting Animal Crossing for Switch!


Get back in good shape. About 3 years ago I had close to a six pack. Now I have a video game belly.
Gonna try and fix that.

It's dangerous to go alone! Stay at home.


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