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Ok, everybody post 1 reason why the switch won't suck. I'll go first.

HD rumble will change the games industry like motion control and graphics! So innovative and so much potential!

1 2 switch is worth it!


Simply it'll have Nintendo games on it. That's why I buy their consoles, I've never regretted anything I've bought from them so far and I don't see that changing with Switch. The first year line up of games is more than enough to justify it for me and with nearly all the big hitters arriving so soon it's exciting to think about what they've got in store for next year.

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It gives you the ability to play console games anywhere, which is perhaps the most compelling concept I've ever heard with regard to a video game console.



Zelda, it's a good thing it's just one reason...

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Play all your games where ever and whenever you want.


Name the movie quote "Toolshed!"


Play anywhere, anytime. Combines all of Nintendo's efforts into 1 system, including 3rd party. Basically 3ds + Wii U into one at the very least. What looks like Best Zelda + Best Mario in its first year. New IP in its first few months. Awesome controllers, sleek looking machine. Did I say best zelda and best Mario in its first year!? Let the sequels commence!


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