Topic: What games are you guys are genuinely looking forward to? (Doesn't have to be Switch)

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After E3, in addition to the ones I mentioned before...

Dodgeball Academia (tried the demo on Steam, it's great IMO)
Cruis'n Blast
Lemnis Gate (learned about this during the PC Gaming Show, looks like my kind of multiplayer game)
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 and Psychonauts 2 (played the first two on PC)
Worms Rumble
Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania
Life is Strange True Colors



SMT III has my attention at the moment, but I'd like to get through it before Silver Case 2425 and Ys IX arrive early next month. Samurai Warrior 5 and Spiritfarer at the end of July. King's Bounty II and NMH III in August. And plenty of other distractions in between those.

Don't get me started on the Fall release schedule.

Too many games, not enough time to play them.

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D&D Dark Alliance was on my anticipated list and I have to say that I'm really disappointed with it so far. The character doesn't feel connected to the environment and attacks feel floaty and lack any form of feedback - which is pretty bad for a combat focused RPGlite.
Hopefully it gets patched up and runs smoothly, and on the us side it didn't cost me anything.

3 more days of waiting for Mario Golf which is my most anticipated Switch Game!

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Like every game on sep and afterward's.

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Before E3

RR529 wrote:

  • Asha in Monster World
  • Ninja Gaiden Master Collection
  • Mario Golf: Speed Rush
  • Zelda: Skyward Sword HD
  • Monster Hunter Stories 2

All titles I'm interested to varying degrees, but nothing I'm particularly giddy for.


  • Mario Golf: Super Rush
  • Ys IX (Switch)
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (xCloud)
  • Metroid Dread (Switch)
  • Forza Horizon 5 (xCloud)
  • Fatal Frame V: Maiden of Black Water (Switch)
  • Shin Megami Tensei V (Switch).

I did end up getting Asha in Monster World (cute) & Ninja Gaiden Master Collection (good but HARD).

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

There's tons of games I'm looking forward to but the only ones that really stand out right now for me are:
-No More Heroes 3
-Great Ace Attorney
-Metroid Prime 4
-The multiple Shovel Knight spinoff games

Because most of the others are too much of an uncertainty if I'll get to them within even a couple of years after release. Too many various games I'm focused on or want to play that are already out, and often have been for some time. You mostly could point to a random, upcoming indie game or something I'm interested in, and its uncertain if I will play it this year, or in 2024. Who knows anymore?!

So I can add:
-Metroid Dread
-Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania
-Advance Wars 1 + 2
-Mario Party Superstars
-Warioware: Get it Together!

This time written in order of likelihood I'll buy it near release.

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Wii Fit U
Pocoyo Party
My Universe Fashion Boutique
Yokai Watch 2 Bony Spirits

Top 8 Konami's Rhythm games:
1. Dance Dance Revolution
2. Para Para Paradise
3. DrumMania
4. Beatmania IIDX
5. Pop'n Music
6. KeyboardMania
7. Martial Beat

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Blue Reflection Second Light for sure.

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I'm looking forward to Elden Ring (possibly) Bushiden, and Scorn. Hopefully they get released sometime this generation lol


  • Metroid Dread
  • WarioWare: Get it Together
  • Shin Megami Tensei V
  • Horizon Forbidden West
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2
  • Starfield
  • Elden Ring
  • Eiyuden Chronicle
  • Scorn
  • Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp
  • Danganronpa Decadence
  • Metroid Prime 4
  • Bayonetta 3
  • The Elder Scrolls VI: Hammerfell probably
  • Breath of the Wild sequel
  • No More Heroes III
  • NEO: The World Ends with You
  • Project Re:Fantasy
  • GhostWire: Tokyo
  • Control sequel
  • Deathloop
  • anything involving Marvel's Spider-Man
  • Final Fantasy XVI
  • God of War sequel
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night sequel
  • Castlevania Advance Collection
  • The Bloober Team x Konami project that's probably Silent Hill
  • Persona 6
  • Project Triangle Strategy
  • Dragon Quest III HD-2D remake
  • Dragon Quest XII
  • Dying Light 2
  • Hollow Knight: Silksong

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@BloodNinja I'm 50/50 on Elden Ring myself. I'm just not convinced about the open world stuff.

@TheFrenchiestFry what no Great Ace Attorney?

For me: Great Ace Attorney, Advance Wars 1 + 2....and that's about it for now. Sure, I'll get Metroid Dread, Warioware, etc. but not at launch.

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@Losermagnet I completely forgot that game was like this month lol

There's too much I'm interested in


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@TheFrenchiestFry There is a ton of stuff coming out in the next year. It's impressive considering COVID and all.

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@Losermagnet Yeah, same here. I'm really into the first 4 games (Demon's/Dark Souls trilogy) but Bloodborne didn't really stick with me, and Sekiro left a really bad impression on me. So I'll wait for a long while after Elden Ring is released so I can watch a bunch of footage to see what's up. I'm really not into open world games, with their large, empty landscapes. Hopefully From Soft actually populates their open world.



@BloodNinja that's pretty much been my experience with Fromsoft games so far: I really dig Dark Souls (currently playing 3) and I think Bloodborne is okay. I haven't played Sekiro yet but I feel like it could go either way with me. I just got my PS5 so the Demon's Souls remake is on the horizon. As for Elden Ring, I'm willing to give Fromsoft the benefit of the doubt that there's a good reason why the game is open world, other than that being popular these days. I reckon I'll like the aesthetics even if the gameplay isn't my cup of tea.

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@Losermagnet Demon’s Souls remake looks amazing, but I’m a snob and hate the sound re-design they did LOL! But yeah I prefer the PS3 version in all its glorious jank.



I rarely pre-order games, but Neo: TWEWY is the exception. Also very interested in Two Point Campus when it comes out next year.

Still hoping and crying over an English version of Yo-kai Watch 4



Apparently I'm one of the few people anticipating Ys IX and NEO TWEWY, but don't care for MH Stories 2.

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