Topic: What game do you wish was on Nintendo systems that is on other systems?

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Nintendo fans are very used to missing out on AAA titles or even indie titles that appear on other consoles. This happens on a regular basis and has been a common thing since , well n64 days? So question is as above. What's the multiplatform titles you wish came to a Nintendo system?

For me it's a simple indie game called Grow home ( and its sequel Grow up ) these are very recent games. It's published by ubisoft but designed by a small team within them. Now this isn't my absolute number one game i wish was on nintendo. But its a game that feels like it should be. It's a big adventurous world with simple but intuitive controls, and a simple goal. Find stuff and get higher up the map. I feel this game would really appeal to younger audiences on a Nintendo system, and the hardcore for the feeling of freedom and adventure. The newest game even reminds me of The legend of Zelda breath of the wild. Big open world and you can climb anything. If you havent played it you really should its on everything else, and its a great price of £8 for the newest game and less for the original/

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I'd like to see the recent South Park games on the WiiU or "NX".

All in all though I'd like to see most 3rd party games that make use of some kind of unique art-style on the WiiU since that would make the difference in graphical fidelity less noticeable. As for everything else, I'll just buy it on Ps4 since most 3rd party titles will either run or look better on that system anyway.

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If I am to pick only 1 game,it has to be Shenmue 3.The originals are 2 of my favourite games ever and there's no way I'm missing out on this long over due finale.If I'm forced to buy a Neo to play it so be it.I won't be surprised if it ends up being VR too,its slow gameplay should work well in VR.If that's the case,I will be buy a VR headset too.

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Aww shemnue! Cant wait for that game. 14-15 years since the second one! Curse you sega not doing it sooner haha

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Overwatch, Doom, Rocket League, Gang Beasts, Nidhogg, Tales of Vesperia/Zestiria/Berseria, there are more

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Skyrim - This really looks like a game I would enjoy. I've played some of Oblivion and while I enjoyed it, Skyrim seems to fix a lot of things I found wrong with its predecessor.

I also wouldn't mind seeing Assassin's Creed return to Nintendo systems. Unity can stay away, but I've really been wanting to play Syndicate. I would also list a couple of PS4 exclusives, but that doesn't really meet the "multiplatform" criteria.

Edit: I had originally listed The Last of Us, but forgot that was a Playstation exclusive. Whoops!

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@Trinexx I think the OP asked about multiplat games..



-Dark Souls in general
-A few of the better/more interesting indie games (there's so many, I doubt I could easily choose tbh)
-Garden Warfare 2
-Bioshock games

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Kingdom Hearts Series Final Fantasy Series Skyrim Metal Hear Solid 5 Over watch

The NX is going to be delayed to Holiday 2017 you heard it here first, also It should be pretty obvious what my favorite game of all time is cough Skyward Sword cough

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RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Part 1 started on the 3ds and then ported to other consoles. But then part 2 never made it to the Wii U which doesnt have any survival horror games besides zombiu, fatal frame and revelations 1.


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Too many, although gone are the days when I'd exclusively play Nintendo consoles.

Still, to see the following on the same console as Mario?

  • Ratchet and Clank
  • Uncharted
  • Modern Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Tales of series
  • Jet Set Radio, Shenmue, Space Channel 5, and other Dreamcast-era games

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Psikyo's Strikers 1999 / Strikers 1945 III (in the same format that the original and the first sequel (and Gunbird I & II) had on console). I just ran a search and I see it has an android release, but that's probably the one platform that's least accessible to me.

Ape Escape. Totally Ape Escape. I love Ape Escape, it's such a great premise. I even have the two PS2 sequels and I play them, even though they re-invented the franchise to be children's games, the design is just that good, and the quality of the execution is much so that they're still worth playing, even though they've been re-cast as children's games.

Blackrock Studio's "Pure" sequel in the form of Excite-quad or similar.

I wish Nintendo owned Dragon's Lair outright and took it back to its original slap-stick comedy roots.

Also, I wish there were a hand-held Fable for the 3DS, but only if it were a legitimate game in its own right and didn't play like a 3rd-party franchise-property or movie game.

ChoroQ as long as they keep the simulation bias and optional manual gearboxes (same with the original Bomberman Kart (not DX)).

Edit: A Psikyo collection for the 3DS that includes the three Strikers games, Gunbird 2 and Cannon Spike / Gunspike, Gunbarich and a Nintendo themed remake of Space Bomber.

Another Edit: Just ran a search and the 3DS doesn't have the resolution for those. :0/ Maybe if it were held sideways, but then you'd need something like a Circle-pad pro...maybe a Psikyo theme'd circle pad pro with the games in the firmware? I'd buy it, but then that's me.

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Battle of the Planets:

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Quite an extensive list here now haha, Someone mentioned Jet set radio id love to have that on Nx or wiiu . Also sonic generations, i know it was wii generation it came out but why was there never a Wiiu edition, extended with extra levels or something. Sega normally support Nintendo but i guess the wiiu didnt get the audience it needed for them to support it fully

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Right now, I'm hurting for not being able to play the new Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I own the Director's Cut of Human Revolution on Wii U and it's so good.



I'd love to see another handheld GTA game on 3DS. Even if it gets released on Vita and mobile, like Chinatown Wars did back in the DS/PSP era.

That may also have something to do with me grabbing Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins today. It's kind of incredible how much I'm enjoying this years old obviously-made-for-children collect-a-thon GTA clone. Something with a bit more difficulty and adult humor would be astounding.

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@samurai_Goroh. Deux ex is great ive only played the PC version but really tempted by the wiiu version i hear it uses the gamepad pretty well? ( even if it doesnt off screen play is always welcome )

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@Nukuleardawg It is one of the best 3rd party games on the system, it feels like they really put a great effort on GamePad implementation. Not just an afterthought like most games. You can probably grab it cheap right now, so I would highly recommend that you do.



@Samurai_Goroh Sweet im glad they used it well, seems like a game that would use it properly. Il look around for it see if i can pick it up cheap. I want to replay it before i play the new one . Thanks for the tip!

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@Goriyas Id agree with that, i always think with those games though that they need to expand upon what you do. Once you finish the last level all other levels become redundant and there isnt really any replay value. They are a blast until the end though

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(These aren't all multiplatform but) Street Fighter V, the Tales of games, Killer Instinct, Metal Gear Solid V, Titanfall, Pro Evolution Soccer, Overwatch, Ori and the Blind Forest



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