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Now that it's confirmed that Tactics Ogre is getting refreshed and released across multiple platforms including the switch, I am ever hopeful that it Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen will either be released in the eShop or get the same refresh treatment and release as they are doing with Tactics Ogre.




Square Enix seems to be more keen to re-releasing / Remaking older games now with LiveALive and Actraiser Renaissance, if the sales keep up I'm sure we will see lots more in the coming years.

I would like to see some more Super Famicom games come back for EU / NA but thats just wishful thinking.

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O M F G I lost my mind with excitement when I was looking through the eShoo coming soon section and I saw this game is coming. My top 3 ps1 games were (in no order) final fantasy 7, final fantasy tactics (and final fantasy tactics advance): and tactics ogre.

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