Topic: Super Mario Galaxy in 3D Allstars Dead-Alive glitch?

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I was doing the second star on Gusty Gardens. I managed to get to the big Mole boss at the end. The one chasing the Bunny. Then, after the second time I hit him, he runs into me as I had 1 health. But due to collateral, he also hit the spiky plants and one of them dropped a coin as I was at 0 health and it brought me back up to 1 and Mario stood up. I managed to get a capture of it on my Switch. I can't seem to post it here so I will link to the video I uploaded of it to Youtube.



That’s funny, never experienced that, neither on the All-Stars or wii version. I’m sure there are other areas in the game that could do that.

There’s a main thread for this game here: You’ll get more attention on the matter, and you’ll keep the forums less cluttered. It’s a win-win situation

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@Help_Mii I'm pretty sure Mario Galaxy doesn't count you as "dead" until you hit the ground, so because you got the coin before you hit the ground it didn't count. You aren't the first person to experience this:

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