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I think out of the presentations that I've watched, XBOX had the best one game-wise. I don't count it as a win though for them, given that they're still actively shooting themselves in the foot. I've seen so many people laugh at how they're thankful they don't have to even purchase an XBOX console, given that they could just get the games on Steam or PC in general. Feels like a bad move for the brand, unless they're genuinely attempting to pull from the Console market all-together.

Nintendo's sort of proved that if you don't have exclusive titles, then you basically just don't have buyers.

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I'm a huge Rebellion mark, so of course Atomfall was the happiest surprise announcement for me.

Looks like they're mashing Strange Brigade and Zombie Army together?

Yes, please and thank you.

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Whilst XB is definitely my least favorite ecosystem of 'The Big 3'.... stepping back objectively, it was actually a pretty great showcase they delivered. The best by far vs SGF & SoP (although arguably those both set relatively low bars)

Really keen to see what the big N have up their sleeve for this month. Really hoping and wishing for 1 final big 'wow' surprise moment, and/or a shadow drop of something awesome and unexpected (ala Metroid Dread). I don't have the appetite for any more remasters/remakes, I'd like to see new installments in beloved franchises (Starfox anyone?) or some sort of new IP.

Let's see hey



Microsoft is very good at overpromising and underdelivering, so we'll see what happens when the games actually drop. I'd love for them to have another good year. Sometimes it seems like the sun never shines in Xboxville.

But yeah, their show clowned on Sony's big time.

I'm not expecting anything too big for Switch tbh. Just one really cool big announcement would satisfy me. Expecting a heavy emphasis on remasters as Nintendo saves the majority of its announcements for the full Switch 2 unveiling.

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I agree with @Ralizah, I'm expecting a relatively quiet(er) Direct with more emphasis on legacy content and a decent amount of third-parties rather than any big bombshell. I wouldn't be too disappointed either way, there's already enough games out there to last me a very, very long time Direct or no. Besides, it may be quiet now, but once that Switch 2 announcement rolls around, the hype train is gonna shift into overdrive! I remember back in 2016 thinking that Nintendo barely had anything fun on the horizon apart from Zelda. Needless to say, 2017 proved me wrong! I think for right now I'm going to enjoy the peace and quiet before the REAL party gets going!

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The sun will never shines over XBOX when the CEO have zero passion in video gaming and just only become the cancer in video game business.
Game Pass, Online checking, Digital only machine, Streaming only games, those ideas are really stupid and really have zero passion in video gaming.


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