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I just watched a video on them, and i am wondering; Has anyone here ever been to a midnight launch themselves for any particularly big games? Any good memories of them? And are these things the sort of thing i should look into attending myself?
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I went to a midnight launch for the switch. There's nothing glamorous about it. I just wanted my switch. People who wait all night in line to be the very first to get a copy of a game they could have digitally bought must be seeking some sort of thrill of being there. I swear people do it for Facebook pics and nonsense like that. You shouldn't have to wait in line for anything these days. Between digital and Amazon unless you have time to waste it doesn't make any sense. On the other hand Nintendo and Apple love it because it's free publicity. The news covers it and there's always the puzzled reporter asking people why they would camp over night. It's pretty dumb and I will never do it again.



They're pretty no-frills unless the midnight launch is taking place at a flagship/CBD store, in which case, there are likely to be additional promotions and perhaps giveways taking place.

I have never been to any midnight launches at flagship stores, but the ones that I have been to (mainly to grab the Pokémon games on 3DS) were pretty low-key, with few people in the store.

Experiences will vary, obviously, but I would assume that most would be fairly quiet, and they don't seem to be happening as often due to the advent of digital downloads.

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@Willax i went to midnight launch of the Switch and i thought it was fun. Maybe I was lucky that other people in line were pretty cool. It was magical getting botw when it was brand spanking new. The caveat is waiting for months or longer for each Nintendo brand game to trickle out. Before the Switch, I usually waited a year or more before buying a new console.

People haven't seemed as excited & friendly for midnight game releases. And it's its just a small handful of people. Only benefit was getting the game early.

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I went to a midnight launch for the Switch, my pre-order was cancelled a few days before it's release so I wanted to make sure I got one without having to wait months for a restock.

It was okay, they were handing out freebies like shirts and had a demo stations set up for friendly tournaments once you were in. I queued for like 3 hours whilst playing my 3DS, not a chance I'd do the camping thing for it though.

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Only midnight launches I've ever done was years ago for Borderlands 2 and also for the switch. In the case 9f the Switch 8t was a pretty fun time. I had already paid mine off so got there at a bout 11:30 and just hung out for a bit til they opened. Was cool talking to other like minded people and it was very chill for the most part.



Only ever done one midnight launch, and it was by accident. Was heading back to the hotel after a night out and wandered past GAME. I had ordered Pokemon X, and they had a midnight release for it. Wasn't too bad, fair few people in various Pokemon attires. Fair few were having battles on Black/White 2 to pass the time.



Midnight launches are great not because you get the game but the whole experience. You meet fantastic people who share the same hobby and excitement about the game with you. The last one I went to was the mario odyssey launch and met Charles martinet and got my games signed by him. They also gave out freebies

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I was at a midnight launch when GTA 4 came out. I was the only one in line who bought Mario Kart Wii instead of GTA! Nothing crazy or fun happened. Just a bunch of people waiting in line.

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@Willax Just curious, who made the video on midnight launches? I swear I saw one by Scott the Woz

Anyway, I went to one for the switch... and it was boring. I was at the back because people had set up camps like the week before and the police were stationed in the parking lot. After a while, I get a text saying "Your Amazon Nintendo Switch delivery is here" and I remember I pre-ordered it in November. I stayed for the rest (there was like 5 minutes to launch) and immediately left. It was just everyone piling into the quite small game shop and I am quite claustrophobic.

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The Halo 2 midnight launch was something to behold back in the day. At my local Gamestop there were roughly three hundred people in line to pickup their copy. Just seeing that many people in line, waiting for the same product that you yourself are eager to get your hands on, only adds to the excitement of the release of that game. But the idea of waiting in line for a midnight release became increasingly more silly with each passing year as the hobby continues to head towards an all digital future.

The last one I went to was Borderlands 2.

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