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Would anyone else want voice acting in a Kirby game?
Heck they don’t even need to give Kirby himself a voice just keep the original voice clips!
It could help to give people a sorta voice for that character so we don’t need to imagine it and to help people learn to pronounce the characters names. (Seriously HOW do you pronounce zan partizanne’s name?)
Also just imagine Hayden penettiere as Susie. Anyone else think that might fit?
Though I bet people would be against it because they don’t want Dedede to use his anime English dub voice.😅



@Greatluigi The only character that I could imagine with voice acting would be Meta Knight, but I wouldn't be against full voice acting. I guess Kirby's just one of those games that I never really considered voice acting, though.

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Well first the games need to have some kind of an actual story to have voices, but Kirby would need to lay off the desserts for that.. so good luck..



@NinChocolate ya say that like there is no actual story in Kirby!
(The ancients, void termina,etc)



I think it would feel a bit out of place.



If the script and performance is good then voice acting adds an extra layer of immersion that benefits any game, but managing the script and performance adds significant load to a project, increasing time and costs. Then what if a voice actor gets caught up in a controversy...?

Voice acting can be nice, but I'm not convinced with a Kirby game it's necessary/justified to increase the liability for it. The current level of voicework is great because it makes Kirby's cute moments stand out while being minimalist.

I enjoyed the narration in Epic Yarn.

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Kirby voice acting would probably be at best Animal Crossing noises which I can do without.
So I'd rather it not be implemented at all, this isn't the right franchise to put in voice acting I feel.

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