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Back in the 80s / early 90s I would get an average of 2 or 3 games per year.
I remember when my Sega Mega Drive finally broke for good, I had a grand total of 9 games for it, which in my mind was quite a library. Swapping games among friends was much more common back then than it is today, and we also had arcades, which you obviously don't.

My parents eventually stopped buying games or consoles for me when I was 14, so everything I got from the Saturn generation onwards I got with my own money I saved (which obviously came from my parents/relatives anyway).

I think none of us really got "backlogs" back then and at the same time I don't think anybody of us complained that we didn't have enough games. I wish I could go back to those days.

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When i was kid, my Mom bought me a NES with pirated NES cartridge with 100 in 1 games (including with hacked such as Fancy Bros, Kung Fu Mario, etc).
At that time we Have NO Idea about Piracy, Hacked games, etc. But after i grow up, i realized that was a Big Mistakes.

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Growing up, I would maybe receive a video game for my birthday or Christmas. That was pretty much it. Everything else I purchased myself.



I only get presents in general when it's my birthday, when i pass to the next class and somewhere around Christmas. Sometimes my parents give me a game, then. Looking at these comments most of the people are/were in the same situation as me. I think you're pretty lucky



@CobraNorovia haha tbf it sounds about average?
First off how old are you? As my friends have kids who are under 12yrs old and they only get birthdays and Xmas and in school holidays.
I understand how it feels you see all these awesome games and you want to play them, idk if you can try saving up? For example if you could save £5 a week you could get a couple of games or a big game in a month, month and a half.
Il be honest when I was young we had a big family, so we were quite poor as only my dad worked. Toys were rare, even on birthdays lol so your situation don’t seem to bad to me, don’t let it get you down dude!



When I was young I wouldn't have to buy consoles and I would get a game in December (My birthday is the 30th so it's a Christmas/Birthday present).
I had a Wii and DS when I was younger, my grandparents were nice enough to give me the latest Pokémon game once a year. My Wii was basically a GameCube most of the time as I could borrow the 2 or 3 games my Aunt and Uncle had. At Christmas I would get an Animal Crossing, Mario or Zelda game - a big game that would last me ages. I somehow made Skyward Sword last over a year, which was a lot waggling!
I got a game for Summer twice in my life - once when I was 9 (SMG2 came out on the last day of school, best day ever), and once two years ago where my Mum gave me Bayonetta 2! (The cover is so awkward for a gift!). It's kind of an awkward game to play in front of others but I guess she didn't have much to worry about with gay son But I really appreciated it, it was a series that I never knew much about but now really like.
Apart from that I have used my own money, having no social life outside of school keeps my spending quite low
I'm 17 now so I work when I'm not at school and that helps me afford games and things like that. Buying a Switch and SD card took up a good portion of that though so I only have a few games, but I guess I have more to look forward too

Overall I feel quite fortunate but I certainly didn't get what people at my school got or still get. They get a new game a month for their PS4 Pros which they didn't buy themselves, but I was a really imaginative kid so my games lasted forever. JRPGs are also good games if you're wanting a lot of content for a decent price.



my mother worked at capcom, my father at konami, my uncle at data east, my aunt at jaleco, my grandmother at namco and my grandfather at taito. birthdays and christmas was fantastic.
it was crazy having all yer family work for game companies.

the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
And yes, he is (usually) always right, and he is (almost) the sexiest gamer out there (not counting me) ;)


ogo79 wrote:

my mother worked at capcom, my father at konami, my uncle at data east, my aunt at jaleco, my grandmother at namco and my grandfather at taito. birthdays and christmas was fantastic.
it was crazy having all yer family work for game companies.

Liar !
You talked nonsense again.
Please, at least no crazy talk all over the time.
That could insulting someone.
Have you lost your mind or you did it by purpose and REFUSE to answer people's question when they asked to you by Normally ?

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@Anti-Matter Woah don't insult him! His comments are some of the best that we get around here, don't try and stop them

...just appreciate the comedy or ignore them if you can't, simple



@Meowpheel @Kimyonaakuma
I didn't bully ogo.
I just wondering his last comments and some of his comments on other threads.
His comments sometimes somewhat crazy, like he talked to nobody or babbled.
Did he do that by purposely ?
He did ever replied me with very Puzzling words.

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@Anti-Matter It's on purpose, it's just how some people speak/type/write/etc. It's funny but it's probably difficult to understand if English isn't your first language...actually sometimes it's hard to notice when I'm talking to people in public. It takes time to learn generally



Just now, i was questioning about his comment about all his family members were working at different games companies. It sound somewhat didn't make a sense to me or he did talk honestly ? i have no idea.



Ok, I could continue the joke and confuse you further, but instead I'll explain:

Sometimes people exaggerate their claims for the purpose of comedy, Ogo likes to be playful with his comments. He has developed a fictional character he likes to play as, if that makes it easier to understand.

I have noticed from your posts that you tend to see only in black and white. You need to learn that things can be in between, not everything is meant to be taken literally, and your perception of things isn't always correct.

Just relax and let others be.

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Have been bought my games always myself for years, since GameBoy early 90's.

E: Few games max 10 was getting for presents in 90's.

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It all started from Game&Watch.

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@Anti-Matter No he's not being honest, I think he's using the "my uncle works at Nintendo" joke and taking it (a lot) further

People (Kids) used to say that their Uncle worked at Nintendo as evidence for their made up rumours...or even just to try and look cool.
For example, imagine this conversation between some kids -
Mario - "Oh yeah I got the new Animal Crossing game for the Switch!"

Luigi - "That's so cool! How did you get it before it was even announced?"

Mario - " Uncle works for Nintendo, and that's how I got it early. But he said that I had to keep it a secret

Luigi - "Oh okay....."

So basically it's not true, but he wants to look cool. A more common example today would be saying that your Uncle worked at Nintendo and told you about the next Nintendo Direct, but really you would have just made it up.

But in this case he was saying that his family all worked at all of these different old game companies so he got tons of games as a kid. But he's joking.... I think. I don't think anyone here has a grandfather who works at Taito, but if they did I would be asking for a Groove Coaster arcade game!

....and now I have pretty much explained and therefore ruined his joke, you're welcome everyone!

Edit - I didn't see @Meowpheel 's reply just there, but there's that too. If it's not your kind of thing leave it be.
Like me for example, I write tons of stuff on these forums but I am generally ignored. But it doesn't bother me too much because reading paragraphs isn't everyone's cup of tea. Just move on

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Growing up, my family had enough money for the essentials, but not a lot for crazy entertainment options. This extended to games, so for the longest time I got my fix on the NES/SNES systems of relatives and on a babysitter's son's Sega Genesis.

Console-wise, my parents only ever bought two handheld systems for me (my first personal system, a Pikachu GBC for my tenth b-day and my first DS in all its blue phatness) and a Wii for the whole family back in 2008/09. We also had a PC that was shared by the family. The rest of my systems I've bought with my own money.

I was part of the birthday/Christmas crowd, too. Barring my tenth birthday when I got 3-4 GBC games, I was usually lucky to get one or two games a pop. The good news is, my siblings also had systems and we would often share games. Over half of these were high-quality, but there was definitely some shovelware too. I bought a good chunk of my games with chore, b-day, and Christmas money; each game was carefully selected and cherished, as I was lucky to be able to afford 1-2 a year (a kid living in the middle of the woods doesn't have a ton of money-making options. XD) My first ever preorder was Pokemon Emerald from Gamestop, and I still have all the stuff from that.

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I think the only time I ever got new full price games was during Christmas, and it was only about 1-2 games (maybe a 3rd, budget/pre-owned, game if I got something from an extended family member. Usually a Gamestop gift card).

I'd get another 1-2 pre-owned games for my birthday, which is only a little over a month after Christmas.

I'd maybe get 1-2 more budget/pre-owned games throughout the rest of the year, by saving up change.

So all in all I was pretty well off, with about 3-6 games a year (granted, most of those would be pre-owned, but I usually did my research and got good stuff like Metroid Fusion, Sword of Mana, FFX, Kingdom Hearts, & Ace Combat 4 when I bought used. Heck, I even got a $10 2-pack at Wal-Mart once that had *Fire Emblem: the Sacred Stones as one of the games).

Oh, and up through the N64 era I was able to rent a game every weekend when my parents picked up a movie at the video store.

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