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Hello, I am 35; I am a grown-up married person who loves to play. Games have been my favorite hobby all my life; as a child, it was the adventures of Super Mario Bros, and now I enjoy playing Legends of Zelda in the evenings ( ) although often I feel like a noob. It just happens that my 5-year-old son loves to pick up my Nintendo Switch. The last time he took my console in his hands, he accidentally managed to break off both joiCons; I am a good father, so the little fellow did not end up in the orphanage. Nevertheless, I found myself desperate, and to distract myself, I started surfing the internet on my phone, and unfortunately, stumbled upon an online casino with slot machines. In the beginning, it was fun, you pour $5 on a deposit, spin the slots all evening, and you can afford it adding to all of that getting entertainment, what else you need! Therefore, I played for about a week, and then I realized that I needed to raise the stakes so that I could feel the winnings. Thus, in two months I was making a daily deposit of $100, I would have continued to play if my wife had not caught me, When she realized that I had just made 100$ deposit and sat down to play, she changed dramatically, my gentle angel instantly turned into a hellish fury! I still had to lie that I started playing recently, and I lost nothing at all. In fact, by that time I had managed to lose about $ 3,000 in slot machines. We calmed down, talked, and decided to withdraw the 95 dollars that remained on my account. The hardest time started, losing the money was easier emotionally than withdrawing it, I left a request for withdrawal, expected to receive my cash the next day, but this did not happen. I wrote to customer services, they told me to send a package of documents and wait for 3 days. On the fifth day, I wrote to support once again, where their representative advised me to wait a couple of more days. A week has already passed, again wrote to support, they told me that in addition to the documents that I sent earlier, I also need a picture of my credit card for verification. I sent it, and waited again, I wrote every day to the support team, and every time I got the same answer: "There is a very long queue for withdrawal, wait for your application to be processed." It is unknown how long will it take. [Website name] is one of these scams that used all possible ways to cheat me, I believe that I am not the only one here who was cheated by these shameless people. Who had the same situation; can you advise what to do in this case? I just want to withdraw my money, not even my winnings, Help!

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If this is a Nintendo service request there is not much anyone on NL can do about that. This goes beyond what anyone on here can do once it's in the hand of Nintendo support.



So if you had money to burn I think all you needed to do was use it to replace the joycons.

Gambling in general is nothing but a scam, and with it being a shady website you used, there’s nothing else you can do. You really should just distance yourself from it completely and grow from the experience. Be glad you only lost money.

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Before depositing such crazy amount of money, you should have read the reviews here <removed> It is helpful to know before any deposit happens.

Let’s not give the gambling sites any type of publicity. -Eel

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@90liver There is really not much you can do, And its not nintendo's fault, yes the joy cons are but you really should have just replaced the joycons with those earnings and moved on, but I know its not easy to just walk away from something like that, Eel is right, lucky it was just your money.

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So the problem here is a gambling addiction. Good thing that your wife took care of it.
I kind of got in a similar situation where my Bicycle had a flat tire. I thought to myself: ´´I´m gonna get me a new tire.´´. So I was strolling down the town a little bit thirsty when I came across the liqueur store. Being a little bit thirsty from the walking I decided to get myself a bottle of gin to quince the thirst, I just ended up getting drunk instead of fixing the flat tire. The next day I just started over focusing on the main issue of fixing the flat tire.
I would advise just to ignore the gambling site and focus on getting some replacement Joy-Cons, success.


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