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This thread is for all the programmers, artists, designers, sound specialist, etc. who are creating software or making assets for it, be it games or some other kind of applications. You can be just starting, you can be one who has made games for living for a while now, you can be the next Satoru Iwata or Shigeru Miyamoto. Your level of skill doesn't matter. Everyone can enjoy talking about software making. I hope everyone can enjoy their time.

Personally, I'm on my third year of information technology engineer studies. My studies are focused on game engine making and our school is project orientated. I'm currently working on a Tetris clone for networking and database courses, an HTC Vive game for one course and in two weeks we'll start working on a game for ATmega128 with a small LED screen. On top of all that I'm working on my own project which is a Nonogram/Picross game which I hope I'll be able to share here too once it's ready. We made a graphics engine, a 3D game engine and a physics engine last school year so I'm happy there's a break from engine making.

Here are some images of things I've made in last 2 years or so:

Isometric map creation software
I wanted to make a game like Final Fantasy Tactics (Advance) and I started with a map creator to make it easy to add maps later but I never ended up programming the game portion...

Pixel Color Counter
Software that counts how many pixels of the same color are in the picture. I made it keep track of how many beads I need to create bead sprites out of Hamas and Perlers.

ZEN - Zero Escape Nonograms
A game I made for Thank You Zero Escape fan project. The announcement of the project and deadline were only a month apart and I had 6 school projects to finish too but I somehow managed to program the game, create the assets and design 50 puzzles in time. I would've liked a few more days to fix some bugs though.

Simple Chess
A game I made for an AI course. Functional chess game with an AI that is made to look a bit tough at first glance but it doesn't actually try to win. It knows when it can capture someone safely, when to evade and so on but I ran out of time and so it lacks the code that makes it aim for a win.

A Star Algorithm
An algorithm I wrote for algorithm course. Basic pathfinding.

All of the above are programmed by just me using C++ and SFML library. All the graphics are also by me. I left out all the things I've worked on in groups like game engines since I haven't asked if I can post pictures of those. Though I doubt they'd mind since the engines can already be found on the internet.

One question to the admins. Can we share download links here? I tried to ask using the contact form a week ago but since I didn't hear back I decided to just make my thread. I suppose it's okay to talk about game making since there're the Petit Computer threads (though they're for Nintendo handhelds) but is there something that crosses the line between discussing and advertising your games that I should be aware of?


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