Topic: Does Mario Odyssey deserve a 10/10?

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Upon clearing Super Mario Odyssey some time ago, and 100%ing the game, I felt quite underwhelmed when comparing it to other 3D Mario games. It seemed insubstantial in content when compared to, say, Mario Galaxy. I also felt that many of Mario's maneuvers were designed for speedrunning, which conflicted with the collectathon nature of the game. I also felt that the bevvy of references to other games detracted from the overall experience, as it came across as nostalgia pandering. Looking back, the game, especially the early areas did not contain very much intricate platforming at all, and I felt that the game only really got started past New Donk City, which sadly was about where it ended, adding to my earlier statement about it being insubstantial in content. I would personally rate it at an 8/10, and do not think that Breath of the Wild, which I consider to be a 10/10, is comparable with Mario Odyssey. Does anyone else agree with me about Mario Odyssey being rated too highly?

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Please put this in either the Odyssey thread, our in the 'Games you feel are overrated thread'. Thanks.

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