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Base on the tittle... I wonder if I buy 3ds XL from another country and stay at another country.. How i gonna register my acccount? For example.. I buy the 3ds in Australia (its a euro versions) and i stay here for a while.. But IF when i register the new account and put my country adress in Malaysia (its US versions) can i play the game from Australia? Or i just play the game in US versions?

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@Ichi Theh I just have to skip the part of registeration? Or just put the my Malaysia adress? Its not gonna effect right?



Oh.. Okey... Thats mean If I buy my nds at Australia and register it under Malaysia adress will become under europe or Us versions? Or myb i just put adress for the registeration and for 3ds will be europe version forever.. Right? still confusing here.... 😅



The Nintendo 3DS is a region locked system, which means that if you buy a system from PAL region (Europe and Australia), it will always be "Europe version". You can't access the American 3DS eshop from it, or play American games in it.
What Ichi explained is that you won't be able to select Malaysia as your home country in an European/Australian 3DS - the only choices for countries to register your Nintendo Network ID and 3DS are European countries, plus Australia, New Zealand, etc.

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