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Well, since we're all gamers here I'm not sure how many of you actually have much time to read, but I'm wondering (if you do read much) what books you'd like to see make it to the big screen. Personally, I'm still waiting for Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" he said he was going to make a long time ago. I liked the hobbit a lot better than LoTR. My favorite fantasy series has always been The Lost Years of Merlin, and I think it would be cool to see that as a movie. One book I'm sure NO ONE has read, but I liked a lot is The Student Conductor by Robert Ford.

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One book I'm sure NO ONE has read, but I liked a lot is Kangaroo Notebook. It's one of my least favorite by Kobo Abe, but I could see it working well as a film because it is highly imaginative and visual without being very plot-heavy, a good recipe for a film. Too many good novels are ruined in the transition to film because their plot is too complicated to be condensed into two hours or perhaps requires too much dialog and explanation.

I'd also like to see any of Orhan Pamuk's novels on screen. They tend to be lengthy, but they are so focused that I think a skilled writer / director could excise the heart of the matter like Paul Thomas Anderson did with the lengthy Oil! for There Will Be Blood. I know Pamuk already wrote a film based on The Black Book called Secret Faces, but there was no international release at all and very little information on it. I'd think The White Castle or The New Life would be good choices, despite not being his strongest novels (or perhaps because? I'd love to see what changes he'd make to his earlier work in light of the direction he's since taken).

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The Dictionary.



Salem's Lot would be good, I know there was a TV series for it but it's really hard to find.

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I am sure no one has heard of this one but I would like to see Skullduggery Pleasant on the big screen

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I REALLY wanted Stephen Kings "Insomnia" to be made into one, recently I heard they're finally going to do so. Awsome news.

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Bet nobody has read the Ranger Apprentice series or the Monser Blood Tatoo series. Both would be awsome movies. Actaully both would make several good movies. I would also like to see The Black Order by James Rollins put to film and that one might actaully happen considering he wrote the novel based on the new India Jones Film (wich I loved).

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Definetley Maximum Ride. Those books are awesome!

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The thesaurus would be Epic.

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longtimegamer wrote:

I REALLY wanted Stephen Kings "Insomnia" to be made into one, recently I heard they're finally going to do so. Awsome news.

WHAT?! holy crap, that was my favorite book for a long time; i am now excited for this

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