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How good is this game? It’s on sale and I’m thinking of possibly picking it up. Definitely wouldn’t pay full price but $15 sounds like a decent price to pay.


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Going off of the DBZ and Naruto games if you enjoy the anime you should enjoy the game.
I've not played this one but it looks similar to the older DBZ budokai tenkaichi games which were fun if quite repetitive.

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Watch the gameplay from Youtube if you still unsure.

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I bought it and......... I LOVE it. One of my favorite fighting games I've ever played. Great roster, simple but addictive gameplay. and it doesn't run terribly on switch. It does have long loading times, but other than that it's a pretty good deal for 15 bucks. I'm gonna have to get the sequel soon!

I'm kinda sad Toru Hagakure isn't in it, but I don't know how she would work so I guess it's fine. Maybe she'll somehow get in as DLC in the next game, but that's veeeeery unlikely.


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