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OK those still interested in helping test dark mode... click here to enable dark mode and disable dark mode.

Most things should be working fine, but if you come across anything that looks funny or doesn't work right then please email me a screenshot (and include the URL in the screenshot, or in the email) to [email protected]


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Oh my word! Thank you!! Love this. No more blinding myself when pulling up the forum first thing in the morning. ūüėā

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@antdickens So far its.working great for me. This will be perfect for those nights of insomnia. Thanks for all your hard work!!

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@antdickens thank you. Wanted this for a long time

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So far, looks good to me. Finally nice to have a dark mode. Will provide feedback if I notice anything. Thank you!



Looks fantastic so far. I'll let you know if I run into any issues

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I honestly was just thinking about this! Let's try...

Edit: Looks great, though, and maybe it's just me, I kind of find the Mario pattern to be a bit distracting. Perhaps it could be darker? Desaturating the reds a bit could be a nice option too.

Definitely looks better than the one I made that one time.

Edit 2: The top menu "drawers" still look white

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I'm on the dark side now, this looks great


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@Eel I can finally see your star

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This is great, I never knew how much I disliked the normal mode until now.



Just a suggestion but would this shade of red work?

edit that might be too close, to the red we got.

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I have to say: it looks great! I'm probably going to stick with white for the time being since that's what I'm used to but you've done a great job here! If I have one suggestion though, the grey border by the side is a bit more distracting with the jet black in the middle so maybe tone it down a bit more? Apart from that though, I really like it.

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After using dark mode for a few hours, it's great. I've seen no problems (as of yet) with it. My only nit pick is the red it's slightly to bright but that might just be me.

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OMG this looks amazing! Thank you so much!

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Enabled and loving it! I'll be sure to provide any oddities.

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Yay, no more being blinded at nighttime! I've been waiting for dark mode on Nintendolife for years. It works great on mobile. I can't comment for PC until later today, but I'm sure it'll be good as well.

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