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@HobbitGamer Just a screenshot got me interested in this game! The developer name helps, too.



@Matthew010 You really do. You can build your civ however you want. You can be that shining city on the hill, a land of freedom, science, wealth. Or you can be the fascist dictatorship butchering anyone in your way. You can be the Theocracy forcing your beliefs on anyone, even if violence is needed. Or you can let your people decide. You can win the whole game without ever starting a single war, or you can burn the world in nuclear fire.

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I’m excited less for the game and more for the message having it on Switch sends. So far I am personally not impressed by the game itself (enemy variety is terrible and player choice is boiled down to slideshows at the end. The world feels empty but I do like many of the characters but the game itself feels hollow after the dev loyalty wears off) however I hope that it’s arrival (provided it is a good port) pushes for more.There are many AA games that could find their home on Switch if given the chance and I hope seeing games like the outer worlds pushes western devs and publishers especially to port more games.

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Good and I can wait as long as it takes. No game is worth people dying over.

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