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I think it would be a cool special event item, like for my friend's wedding, if i can have a zophar321 mii (my friend's mii). I think a lot of people would like "my mii" not "a mii", so maybe for $30 and a 4-week wait, you can have an Amiibo of you. A factory can be set up to receive Mii data on Wii, WiiU, and 3DS, (maybe DS) and then custom print according to the data. Also it can have realistic body mass taken from Wii Fit U. I could do a before weight loss and after version. At my peak I was 230 pounds and am now down to under 195, with a little more to go for a minimalist weight goal of 180, but the Wii Fit U says 132.2 is my ideal weight just based on height.

Speaking of obesity, The Rock says The Rock is technically mathematically obese, but The Rock says 99% of The Rock's obese weight is Muscle, and the number doesn't factor that into the number. So BMI isn't everything.

By the way, I was looking for a place to get a Nintendo-authorized "My Mii Amiibo", and found this forum. I didn't know the Miis on the 3 Mii Amiibos were supposed to be famous Miis. I thought they were just generic Miis. For for $30 and 4 weeks wait, would anyone order a Mii of oneself or a friend?



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