Topic: Falco amiibo exclusive to Best Buy in North America

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That's a bummer.

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@Mario90125: Yeah, it's not ideal but hopefully Nintendo will follow suit with the recent amiibo wave release and have a larger amount of stock at launch.

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Shouldn't this be in the Amiibo section?


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@WebHead: I thought it fit in the News section, but I can repost there I suppose. Thanks.



I don't think this needs to be in both News and Amiibo but it could be either one as it is News about Amiibo.

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Moved. Please don't create duplicates of your threads, even if they're in different forums.


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Dang it. Probably going to be as rare as Fox was.

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The Pre-Order for online orders are now live in case anyone is interested.

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Just preordered without a problem. Shortly after I posted I saw that Falco was available for preorder for store pickup but no stores had him available. Glad to see they opened it up for preorder.



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