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Posted this on another topic. Looking for some thoughts on it.

"I don't see why the memory chips inside the Amiibos can't be expanded, lets say to 50MB. It makes perfect sense to expand the chips to allow an 8-bit game to be stored on the figure that can be used on the Wii U to unlock that game. Once downloaded to the Wii U, the data wold no longer be transferable and you could use the figure as they work now. Seems like an untapped resource to me."

Nintendo could charge $19.99 for these "premium" Amiibos and make a killing. Not only would they have revenue from the Virtual Console market but also push sales of existing properties this way. I haven't looked at the numbers of what they make on digital VC downloads in a while but I imagine it's not hand over fist like it once was. This seems like a sensible solution.



Nope. NFC tags can't hold 50 Mb. They can store upwards of 8kB of data with the right IC but usually offer only 64 bytes or 1 Kb.

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Excellent Idea. That's even less money spent on their part.



If I remember correctly, NFC chips cannot hold that much data. Besides, the production costs of amiibo would skyrocket if there was any data on it except the ID and base data to help the WiiU identify it - not just because of more memory, but also because they'd need to add the game data to it in a separate production step. All other content is written onto it through whichever game has extended amiibo features (as of yet, that'd be only the AI data for amiibo fighters in Smash).
If anything, it would be much easier and cheaper to pack amiibo's with a download code for a certain game instead.

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There are ways to do this without having to store data on it and as others have said the eShop is technically capable of doing something like this already. They just need to send out an update to the shop to allow a "special Amiibo" to unlock some content on the eShop. Because lets face it, most NFC tags in the wild are being used for payment of some kind or another. Public transport smart cards, pay-wave and so on. In Japan they already allow payment via their NFC cards on the Wii U so it's not that far fetched.

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