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when i scaned my amiibos on my systems amiibo tap, it gave me super metroid, link to the past, and super mario bros, but when i scanned them on my friends systems, it gave him different games, i used the same amiibo for both of them. is it supposed to do this?

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Yes. No data is saved on the amiibo, so i assume the game saves the amiibo ID or something to remember what game it is. The games you get are always random for each amiibo.

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I read on the internet somewhere that if you delete your save data for the amiibo tap application you can go back and redo all your amiibo and it will give you different games. I don't know because I've never tried it.

Also, I just realized tonight that if you have any Animal Crossing amiibo cards - they unlock demos on the amiibo tap as well. This is by far the cheapest way for me to unlock all 30 games.

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