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What are your top 3DS eShop games that were released in 2013? Don't include retail or VC titles. I would say those include the 3D classic remakes, but if you really want to include them I don't care.

I'm doing a Top 5 list, but feel free to go with whatever number you want.

1) SteamWorld Dig - This game looks and plays great. I wish it was longer, but the gameplay lends itself to replaying so the length isn't too bad. I've put over 25 hours into this trying to have that "perfect" run. Looking forward to Image & Form's next game.

2) Gunman Clive - This game seems to have received some backlash from people who were late in discovering it. The game was almost too hyped, so people expected a masterpiece for their $2. When they didn't get it, they placed this game firmly into the "overrated" category. Imagine a $2 game being overrated? Anyway, this is another game that gets bashed for its length, but that simply means people are overlooking everything available. Yes, the initial campaign on easy mode will take 30-40 minutes, but there are three characters that play very differently, and for those who like a challenge there are Time and No Damage badges to collect on every level for every character. I've managed 15+ hours of play out of this "short" game.

3) Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale - Many people did not like this game, and I completely understand why. It's more an interactive anime than a game, and that just won't interest a lot of people. Personally, the game's atmosphere and story sucked me in from the start. Even though I didn't grow up in the '70's in rural Japan, I still identified with the kids. This "game" did a great job of conveying what it was like to be an innocent kid once again, and the ambiguity of the ending makes me want to replay it to fully form my understanding of what even happened. This was genuine piece of art.

4) Mighty Switch Force 2! - Platforming is probably my favorite genre, and WayForward usually delivers with that kind of gameplay. Yes, this game was very similar to the first, but I found the water mechanic added a great twist to the puzzles. Getting all the par times was a fun challenge, though I would deem this game easier than the original.

5) Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move - I was glad to see a break from the gameplay mechanic from the previous couple of entries in the Mario vs DK series. (Yes, I know this one doesn't have a "vs" in the title--though I don't know why). This was a well-put together Pipe Dream-like game, with mini-games that were fun in short bursts. It's not ground-breaking or a game-changer, but it is fun and presented beautifully.

There are several games that were released in 2013 that I haven't played yet that I'm fairly confident would make my list if I had, so this list would probably look a lot different if I even waited a couple of months.

Let's hear yours.

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Didn't buy a lot from eShop this year, but the last couple of weeks (with the exception of Sega 3D Classics) for the 3DS eShop were shovelware.

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Easy: Steamworld Dig

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The only 3DS eShop title I recall getting this year is Senran Kagura Burst, which I have enjoyed for its fast paced action and selection of melons.

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3D Classics: Shinobi III

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I also have to go with the complete SEGA 3D Classics line. The sheer amount of options, details like moving cabinets in, say, space harrier and the overall production value (smooth as butter framerate, excellent 3D effect, probably the best so far) is absolutely woth the 5€ each. Excellent series.

The major problem i have with putting together such a list is, that im not that firm when it comes to release dates and honestly, im too lazy to look them all up I picked up many games i passed on earlier. But my top picks would still be the SEGA 3D Classics series as a whole, with Galaxy Force 2 and Shinoby 3 beeing my favorites.


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The SEGA 3D Classics are pretty great. They did it right. I wish Nintendo would take a cue from them.

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1. Gunman Clive - It may not be very long, but it has fun (and replayable) platforming gameplay, a unique visual style, and tons of nods to the classics of yesteryear.

2. PicDun 2: the Witch's Curse - This isn't an utterly fantastic RPG (and I'd argue there are better options on eShop), but it still provides an enjoyable RPG experience, has a fantastic length for it's price, can get devilishly challenging (though a bit inconsistent at times), and the fact that each floor completes a picture puzzle is a nice incentive to fully explore.

3. Picross e - It's just picross, but that's never a bad thing.

The best eShop game I played this year was Crimson Shroud, but it was a 2012 release, so I guess it doesn't count.

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Well the best have to be the Japan retail titles that got eshop only releases in U.S. Ace Attorney Dual Destinies and Senran Kagura Burst, both amazing games

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1 Steamworld Dig
2 Harmoknight
3 Attack of Friday Monsters
4 Gunman Clive

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I've only bought 2 eShop titles since getting my 3DS in October: Cute Witch Runner and Colors 3D. I have buyer's remorse with Colors because unfortunately while it's a great art tool, it didn't really inspire me to draw more like I'd hoped it would. Cute Witch Runner was exactly what I expected though and was a good value for a charming, short burst endless runner.

Currently in the process of choosing some more eShop games, I'm both glad and frustrated to see nearly all of the titles I've been eyeing mentioned in this thread. Glad to see whatever I choose will likely be a good choice but frustrating because that just makes the process of choosing that much harder! Funny enough, seeing Gunman Clive's short length is actually making it more of an appealing purchase to me.

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SEGA 3D Classics Super Hang-On is definitely my favorite eShop game for this year.
This in part due to the wonderful nostalgia of my Master System & Mega Drive and local arcade days, and because of the dedication, polish and love Sega poured into these 3D Classics.


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Attack of the Friday Monsters: A Tokyo Tale. Very charming little gem.



Steamworld Dig & Attack Of The Friday Monsters would be my top 2.

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5. Sega 3D Classics games (couldn't pick one).
4. Gunman Clive.
3. Urban Trial Freestyle.
2. Steam World Dig.
1. Harmoknight.

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To be honest, this year hasn't been as good as last year for incredible eShop games, Having said that...

1 - SteamWorld Dig - Duh.
2 - Dillon's Rolling Western 2 - Love it. It's very samey but the gameplay is still great,
3 - Dress to Play: Magic Bubbles - Yes, I'm serious. Highly addictive.
4 - Urban Trial Freestyle - Really fun. Haven't played it in a while, actually, will go back to it.
5 - Splash or Crash - a very addictive game, plus I'm having fun trying to beat the Streetpasses I've received on it.
I downloaded Attack of the Friday Monsters but haven't played it yet.

Hidden Gems:
Robot Rescue 3D - A pretty fun and addictive puzzler with a great amount of content.
Witch & Hero - I don't know why I love it so much, but I do. Try the demo.
Publisher Dream - Flawed but charming and addicitive.

If we're including Virtual Console then add Oracle of Ages and Shining Force Sword of Hayja. I have Seasons but haven't played it yet.



Almost forgot Gunman Clive! It doesn't make my top 5 since it's largely a forgettable experience but it is a great game.



Darts Up 3D. Best 99 cents I ever spent.



Sidewaydriver wrote:

Darts Up 3D. Best 99 cents I ever spent.

That game is fun in multiplayer!

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