Topic: Worst Nintendo Published 3DS game In your opinion.

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For me personally it's Sticker Star because of the disappointment I got from it,A close second is Tomodachi Life fun but overpriced when I got it. I have just ordered Yoshi's New Island and I hear bad things so maybe I'll update later if I feel the same,But surly it can't be that bad. Right? (Bonus ? Is it that bad ūüėā).

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I guess I'd say Sticker Star too. From what I remember I've liked all the games I've played but that game wasn't hugely fun.


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I don't have Sticker Star, so I won't comment on that, but in my eyes the worst they did with Mario is NSMB2 - when someone says NSMB series is dead and lacks content or even fun, this game comes to my mind. It makes me fed up with NSMB, even though I really like U and Wii ones.

But the WORST, worst of the worst would be Spirit Camera - forget the 3DS, it's horrendous garbage in comparison to anything Nintendo.



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Sticker Star

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Chibi-Robo Zip Lash.

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I wasn't a huge fan of Pushmo, I suppose.

Not that I'd really say it was bad, it just wasn't for me, and I only got it because it released at a time where there wasn't much else on the eShop.

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I like all of the Nintendo games I've gotten so far so I can't really give a comment, but judging from what I've seen of them, I doubt I'd like Yoshi's New Island or NSMB2

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Dillon's Rolling Western was disappointing. Glad I got it for free through Club Nintendo back when that was a thing.

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Have to say Sticker Star, it was quite a disappointment. I hope they make up for it with Paper Jam.


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*Update Yoshis New Island is not that bad,Not a classic but a solid 7/10 imo.

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I'd have to say Pushmo. Despite being a real puzzle fan, I found it tedious and repetitive with dull and uninteresting characters and environments. I got bored of it very quickly.



I gotta say NSMB2. I agree that Yoshi's New Island and Sticker Star aren't very good games either, but I enjoyed what I played from those games A LOT more than NSMB2. I found NSMB2 super boring, and I thought the "collect as many coins as you can" gimmick was rather pointless.

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Sticker Star for sure. I thought Yoshi's New Island was mediocre, but "mediocre" is a lot better than "terrible", which is what Sticker Star is IMO.

...I actually had a lot of fun with NSM2 and I don't get the hate for it. Having coins literally raining down on you is pretty fun.

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Wow I'm surprised, Sticker Star was definitely a disappointment for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed it regardless. I would have to say 3D Classics: Kid Icarus if that counts. Played it for a few minutes before quitting. Thankfully it was "free".

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It's rare that I play a "steaming pile of poo" these days as I carefully screen my games through reviews (or try out demos if they're available) before making a purchase.

One game I was curious about was Yoshi's New Island. A demo kiosk at a nearby Walmart actually allowed you to try the game. I found it to be quite boring, way too easy, and didn't really care for the mechanics. That's not to say that it's a horrible game, I just didn't like it enough to actually waste money on it.

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Fossil Fighters: Frontier.

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Yeah, Island Tour is not a terrible game by any means, but it is really weak compared to previous Mario Parties (specially compared to DS).

It's almost like it was meant to be preinstalled software. It feels more like a small complementary part of the system than a fully featured game.

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If you already put your guesses in then you guessed incorrectly, it's Steel Diver [not sub wars, mind you] The story sounds like it came out of Mach Rider for the Nes. [heh, cool] Two words: Mandatory touch-control. No buttons whatsoever. Thank goodness they did that in the sequel. And I'm not too fond of the emblem system either.

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