Topic: Where can I buy a brand new New 3DS?

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It would be good if the shop was in Europe so there wouldn't be any additional payments (as I live in Europe), but as I can't find it ANYWHERE it doesn't really matter as far as it's not a place where I can get scammed cause I REALLY want to avoid that.
And not on Amazon/Ebay because the only new ones I see are super expensive and cost more than a Switch Lite
Possibly XL but as I said before, it doesn't really matter.



Think it’s impossible to find for a good price these days. I wanted one for a while (to play the various Zelda games on it) and found a new copy of the SNES edition New Nintendo 3DS XL for £250 which was just about bearable for me (given I was a bit desperate with the isolation lockdown)!

I think you can still get the 2D versions for a reasonable price but for me the 3D aspect is the best feature of the unit.



Try eBay. Obviously you’re taking a risk, but there are third party sellers claiming to sell new New 3DSes. Germany, for some reason, still seems to have new stock. You won’t get it cheap, but you should get it for retail price.

I got a secondhand New 3DS in good condition from eBay last year - it’s worth exploring.

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My local Walmart still carries 3DS and 2DS. You can always check yours.

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