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Lately I've been playing Pokemon moon on a regular 3DS and it keeps stopping my gameplay with the game card was removed, when my fingers weren't near it and it never moved a touch all. I don't know if there's something wrong with the 3DS or the game cartridge but it's getting really frustrating. (The first time it happened I'd caught a shiny luvdisk I sulked all night)



This has happened to me lots of times with Animal Crossing New Leaf. With the game in sleep mode, I will close my 3DS and put it in my pocket or bookbag. And sometimes when I take it out to resume playing, there is a black screen with a message saying the cartridge has been removed.

All I can guess is that the 3DS disc drive slot is very sensitive sometimes and thinks that the game has been removed possibly when it has just been slightly touched or brushed up against something.

And then I have to hear an earful from Resetti, lol.

This is one instance in which a digital copy of the game is better than physical.


It happened a bit with my acnl game too, but only when it was in a bag so I jus assumed it got bumped, but no matter how long I've been playing for it's never happened while I was playing before since I've not been even touching the cartridge :/



This sometimes happens to me while playing some older titles that I haven't played in a while, proabbly due to dust. Back in the day, I used to leave my GB/GBC/GBA/DS carts outside of their boxes (DS had cases finally, but I left them out of their cases when I was still in elementary school), but now with the 3DS, if they're not in use, TRAP THEM IN THEIR CASE CAGE UNTIL THE ENDS OF TIIIIIIIIMMMMEEEE! lol.

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Yep this happens to me too, Fire Emblem Fates being the most recent example. Gotta keep the carts clean to avoid this but it sucks when it happens out of the blue when you're 90% of the wat through a chapter

Or buy your games digitally? That's an option I guess.



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