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I have been noticing my copy of Smash Brothers for the 3DS is having issues with the trophies, where they will not load. Leaving the trophy gallery will put the game into an extended load cycle for minutes with no signs of loading up after that. Has anyone else had this issue, I have not used any sort of cheat software on my system and my system is not hacked for Homebrew. I have a New 3DS XL as an addition point of reference with a 64GB card in the system. If this isn't the right thread for posting this issue please move it for me.



Have you switched systems without making a transfer or deleted dlc data?

Maybe the game is trying to load a trophy that doesn't exist.


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@Meowpheel I have transferred the data almost a year ago when the New 3DS came out. It will not load models for trophies that I already looked at after looking at other trophies that were having trouble.



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