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Alright, so I once was at a DMV (this was a few years ago, 2012, 2013) and I accidentally dropped my 3DS. It wasn't too hard of a drop, but it was enough to do something. The 3DS just stopped reading the SD cards inserted, and every time it is turned on, the same message pops up: "Could not detect an SD Card. The software on the SD Card could not be displayed." (I'm taking this directly from it) I didn't really care about it too much, but after a while of having to put up with not being able to update Mario Kart 7, checking my Mii Plaza, and, legit, being able to see most of my photos, I'm deciding to go to here. What do you think?



What do I think? Well, I think that it's a shame buddy.

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I presume you have tried a new SD card to see if it was the card that was damaged, rather than the 3DS?

If so, then it's either -

  • time to get it fixed. Contact Nintendo or console repair outfit
  • buy a new 3DS/2DS and try to do a system transfer over wifi.
  • Keep on doing what you're doing. It's been 3-4 years, so does it really matter?

There aren't really many options...



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