Topic: Professor Layton and the miracle mask problem

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i did nothing but suddenly it works!
I'm very happy

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Glad it works. When I get my 3DS cards for christmas I will buy this, and then ALL of the 40 puzzles that would be out then!

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I was kind of panicking a little when none of the puzzles were downloading; deleted my extra data and everything, but they were still not working.

Now they're downloading just fine. Phew.

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Nintendo's replied; they said that they were aware of the issue and would contact me in the next few days.

Haven't had time to check for myself, but it's great that it's suddenly working for a lot of people!



Mines still not downloading.
Same error code.




Bonus game download function now working in UK.
I just downloaded the first 6 games with no problem.
Best of luck to the rest of you.

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Problem solved, guys! Yesterday I downloaded 6 puzzles!



Has anyone been able to download the puzzles for 31/10 and 1/11? I was able to download the first five puzzles earlier this week but when I try to download more the game just says that my puzzle list is up to date.



Hey @rikru ive had the same prob i havent been able to get puzzle 10/31 and 11/1 everytime ive tried it says the same thing as yours

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I had that problem, but I deleted the extra data in system setting, and tried again and it worked. (For some reason I still had the five first after I deleted the extra data)


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Tobias95 wrote:

I had that problem, but I deleted the extra data in system setting, and tried again and it worked. (For some reason I still had the five first after I deleted the extra data)

Thanks! That worked for me



That's such an odd solution... why not call Nintendo again and get them to TRULY resolve the problem. My Prof. Layton also has not downloaded 10/31 or 11/1. Does deleting the Extra Data erase the fact that the other extras have been completed?

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^I'd been having the same problem as you guys with the 10/31 and 11/1 puzzles. I deleted the Extra data, and that worked. It actually appeared that nothing was even deleted; the previously downloaded puzzles were still there. Weird glitch.

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