Topic: Prepaid Cards: Taxed Once, or Taxed for Plastic AND Games?

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If I purchase a 3DS prepaid card then add the funds to my eShop account, would I be required to pay additional taxes on eShop games? I've already used a credit card, but are funds from a prepaid card treated differently? Or added to the same pot? It seems to me that once I pay taxes on the $20 purchase, I shouldn't be taxed again just for using the product. This "extra" tax might be small (or big considering $2 games), but it's the principle of the matter. Or am I just not able to mentally mend the disconnect between paying taxes on a piece of plastic then paying more taxes when using it? And no, I don't consider the tax on only $20 a loophole...per se.

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If you pay $20 for a $20 card, giving you $20 worth of games, it just works out in the end I haven't figured out how the eShop deals with different taxation-levels in Europe, as the cost for me appears to be about the same as in the UK, which has lower VAT.



I believe that cards are not supposed to be taxed in stores - they are more like gift cards than the pre-paid points cards you saw with Wii.


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The gift cards aren't taxed which is why you can't use the old points cards for the eShop(they are taxed).

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For the cards I buy, you need to pay for an "activation fee"

I don't mind the tax too much, in the end, I'm still getting what I want.

Thaaaaaanks for noticin' me.

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